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We need to make complex account ownership changes on thousands of accounts where simple geography like zip or state won't apply.

Is it possible to make these changes using the Data Loader?
I have a report that shows activity by sales rep over the last week.

Rather than create and maintain a version of the report for each rep, is there a way to create a paramater that takes the login of the user as the filter parameter - so that when a rep logs in, the report is automatically filtered to view only their data?
We're trying to automate territory assignment via a zip code table.

The zip codes and assignments have been uploaded as a custom object.
What I need to do is have Salesforce query the zip table whenever a zip code is entered for an address and return the associated sales rep name, city, state and county from the table and populate those fields in the address.

Can someone guide me on how best to accomplish this?
Is it possible to change values in the opportunity stage history without creating new entries?

Specifically, we have changed our sales model and the stages associated. We would like to update history records to match the new picklist values.
Is this possible?

How can I create a picklist of valid US 2-letter state codes in the Lead object?

I need to force users to use standard values, rather than their own conventions.
How would you go about developing territory management functionality at the county level in SF.com?

We would like the ability to define territories by their 5 digit FIPS code and then assign each county to a sales rep.

We have tried using the roles approach, but can only get down to a user level, not geography.