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I am looking for pointers to create a button that would do the following:
When clicked several fields are updated in the record the button is in:
Current User Name is entered into one field
That days Date is entered into another
And a check box is made true
But I cannot find any examples of how I would do this - can anyone point me towards some examples of this? (I will be doing this for leads but an example for any type of record would be fine, as it would translate easily to a lead).
Thanks - Alex
I have a workbook that uses information from SFDC to perform certain calculations. I need to have multiple people be able to access the workbook at the same time. In order to do this I want to Enable the Shared Workbook functionality of Excel (I am using 2003). However when I enable this feature the automatic update functionality of the SFDC Excel Connector is disabled. And in fact I cannot even perform a manual update.

Has anyone else seen this and should I be able to use the Excel Connector in a shared workbook?


I need to figure out a way to make my team identify a primary contact for their opportunities once they reach a certain stage. Early stage opps will not require them because they are too early in the sales cycle.


But once they get to Stage 3 or higher, I want to require them. They have to be present so that when we generate the sales order form, it knows which contact to indicate on the form. Some of my reps are adding the contact manually on the form after it is generated - but that means there is no one identified on the Opp in SFDC, which is where it should be.


Any ideas?