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This question might fall a little outside the scope of the Excel Connector, but I am hoping someone will be able to at least point me in the right direction.
I am working on uploading some really long text fields into activities using the Excel Connector.  Many of these fields are over 255 characters, which Excel truncates.   I can pull data from my parent data source into an .xls spreadsheet, which at least groups my long data fields together under each record - but they are still in multiple cells.  I can't combine the cells in Excel before I bring  that in to Salesforce, because I will still have the same problem with truncating.
Is there a way to link these cells together, and somehow bring them into Salesforce into the activity record sequentially?
Does that make sense?
I'm looking for independent consultants to provide estimates on customizations to our case-entry process in SFDC.  At a high-level, what we'd like to do is pull data from other related objects into our case using s-controls to query other tables using foreign keys. 

I can be contacted at jcannava@sanz.com.


John Cannava
Hey all,
I have been trying to use the Salesforce.com API in order to retrieve a user's Personal Groups.
I have looked through all of the queries and am unable to find a query to do this.
Where could I retrieve this from?

I've downloaded the sforce_connector PE and it works GREAT on most machines. On a few however, it won't install. I get a message from Microsoft/VisualBasic that says "Can't find Project or Library. Then it asks me for the sforce_connector password.
Has this happened to anyone else before? Does anyone know the password to the XLA? Maybe I can debug it on my own.
Neither "ttytytytyty" nor "sett" work

Many Thanks. Phil