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When editing an app listing, I see a "Demo URL" field (just above the Test Drive User Name and Password fields), but the value provided doesn't seem to show up in the actual listing.  Anyone have an idea what this field is intended for (it is not mentioned in the publisher's guide, as far as I can tell), or how to make it show up in the listing?


-- Crash
We want to publish our first app - Telecom Order Management, we have uploaded to appexchange, the status shows Unlisted - New.
Is there anything else we have to do? or it will be reviewed after this point? If yes, how long it may take.
Thanks & Regards
Bhaskar Roy
Hi all,
I have created an application using a variety of custom objects and user interface tweaks that means I have a pretty valuable application in my SF account for a specific market, the SF account is currently a trial account but soon to be upgraded to a Pro account.
I'm keen to ensure that I leave the door open for being able to package this app up for resale later so others can benefit from it. But it's unclear to me what the options are.
  • As I've created the app in a trial/Pro account, have I dug myself into a hole by not using a Dev account?
  • Can I replicate all my customisations from one SF account to another?
  • Is my only way forward to set up a Dev account and manually re-create the customisations?
  • Would the best approach be to turn my trial account into a Dev account, and then start using the app from a new Pro account?


So with the Winter '07 release it is possible to package custom fields added to the standard objects (like Activity, Contact).  But is it not possible to package changes to the standard Page Layouts? 

So if I add a custom field "cost" to the Activity object, and I  want users of my application to see "cost" when they open an Event from the calendar on the Home tab, is there any way to do that?

If I want to add a custom button to the Contacts Page Layout, can that customization be packaged?
  • January 09, 2007
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We currently have two apps listed on Appexchange – App1 and App2. Both apps share the same publisher, but they were created using different orgs. App1 was created using the publisher org, but App2 was created using a different org.


For App2, we like to replace the existing package with an updated one. The “Replacement Package” list however, only contains packages created from the publisher orgHow can we replace the existing package for App2 by a newer package that is created using another developer's org?




  • December 20, 2006
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I've had 2 failed attempts at uploading an app to the AppExchange in the past 12 hours. Is it down?

Status shows "In Progress" for both attempts. First attempt sent the following email (2nd sent nothing):

Dear AppExchange User,

We appreciate your interest in signing up for a free Salesforce trial. However, your signup was not completed due to temporary technical reasons. Our team has been notified of the problem and is working to resolve it. You may try again at http://www.salesforce.com/ or call us at (415) 901-7010 between 6am and 6pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday to receive help from our customer support team.

We look forward to helping you see this for yourself through our free trial.
Hi All,
I'm planning to publish a desktop/integrating application in AppExchange created using Visual Studio .net. Please tell me the steps invloved to register, submit and publish it in AppExchange? I'm unable to find any packaging or publishing guide that tells about non web-based applciations.
Thanks in advance,
  • August 17, 2006
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Can anyone explain the process of invoicing/payment for applications installed from AppExchange? 
A user selects a paid application from AppExchange and installs it into his account, does he now pay the additional amount to Salesforce.com or the third-party will start invoicing it directly to the enterprise that started using the application? I am sure there should be more than 1 way how this works....
thanks in advance,
When a customer selects an application from AppExchange to "Try Now", he is prompted for a Salesforce.com login info. How is it possible to present the user with a registration page at this time that pre-populates his personal information from salesforce.com and allows him to add additional information?
If it is not possible, how can the additional information about the user be captured?
Many Thanks,
Our recruiter is giving this app a try - he likes but for one thing - we can't figure out how to convert APPLICANTS to CANDIDATES.  Anyone have a clue?  The app is from SFDC but I have no idea who to ask for some help.
Here's an odd problem that a customer reported and that I'm able to reproduce. I have a Salesforce instance with two AppExchange applications installed, Kieden and Vertical Response. I click on the VR application and then click on one of their iframed pages.

The iframe changes correctly. However the top nav (that contains the tabs) switches to the Kieden application even though VR is showing in the iframe.

Any thoughts?
Is there any way to include in the app package custom fields for the Contact object? Thanks.

We have an AppExchange application being used by many of our customers.  We are planning to do few enhancements to the applications.  I have couple of questions on how it affects existing application, custom objects and data.

1.  When our customer installs new version of the same application, does it installs as a new application(along with the existing version of it) or it overwrites existing one?

2.  If it creates new one, does it share same business objects used by earlier version of the same application?   Or if it overwrites existing application, does it retain data in all existing custom objects?  How is it going affect custom objects and its data if new custom field is added/modified or removed?

Thanks in advance



We were alarmed to find that attempts to view our AppExchange's application datasheet (PDF file) were failing in Internet Explorer with the error: "The file could not be written to the cache". It turns out any AppExchange file download will fail if the AppExchange web page is displayed with HTTPS (SSL).
I think there's two fixes:
1) force all AppExchange pages to display non encrypted (HTTP).
2) Review header settings used to make sure they don't interfer with PDF downloads
  • The server sends the "Cache-Control: No Store" header.
  • The server sends the "Cache-Control: No Cache" header.

Who know how many customers were frustrated when attempting to get more information from AppExchange due to this issue.



-- Mark