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We have an email retention solution implemented using Symantec's Enterprise Vault software. We've begun to notice that on a growing amount of users systems who have OE 3.2 installed, that when a message is restored from our vault, the user gets prompted for their AD credentials. If the Salesforce software is removed/uninstalled from the equation, then the restore happens without issue. As soon as Salesforce is reinstalled and configured, the problem arises again. We've worked for several days now with Symantec and they are adamant that their software is working fine and that the problem lies with the OE software.


Long shot here, but has anyone else potentially using the Enterprise Vault software and OE 3.2 run into similar problems or heard of similar issues?


Thanks for your time!

I am trying to reference a look-up field in a custom formula.  Unfortunately, the formula ignores the contents of the lookup field.  Does anyone have any ideas how I can get around this?
  • November 01, 2006
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