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I have an app with an "RSVP Event" custom object that has a lookup relationship to a Venue object. So when one creates an RSVP Event, s/he chooses a venue from a lookup list in the RSVP Event form. When multiple users create venues, we want all venues to be visible to everyone so they can re-use the venue records. However, a user creating an event only sees his or her venue(s) in the lookup list.  If the user hasn't created a venue, s/he gets an empty lookup list.

This will frustrate users who know that a venue record exists, but can't easily link it to their event because someone else created the venue record. If they don't know the venue name or how to search for it with a wildcard pattern, they will have to abandon their new event and go to the Venues tab. The Venues tab only shows their venues, so they will need to choose the "All" view, find the venue and either re-type it, or less worse, copy and paste the venue name back in the event edit lookup field. A savvy user could do a wild card search, but entering only a "*" doesn't show the full list.

I hope I have missed something that would enable one to easily see records owned by others in the lookup list.
Any suggestions?
Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping someone out there can help me figure this out.  It would be awesome.  We have added Service Timecard Custom Object Records to our system to track billable hours on Jobs and for customers.  The are linked to a few different parent items (including Accounts, Cases, Projects).  When I pull up a case per say it shows me the Service Timecard section as a section below the main information, and all of the timecards associated with that case.

Ok here is what I'm looking to do.  I would like to have a Formula field add up all of the hours worked contained within the Service Timecards associated with that Record. 

IE if there is a case with 2 service timecards.  One for 1 hour and one for 2 hours, on the case record I could have a field show us Total Time Worked : 3 Hours.

If anyone can show me how to do this I would owe you a huge favor.

Thanks so much.

Dan Levine