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Is there a small guide somewhere on how to run the eclipse program somewhere?  I have it installed with the plug-in but don't know what to use as the SOAP Endpoint.  Do I use the AppExchange project?
Thanks, Chris
In our Opportunities we use the following formula to calculate the day's before the close date of the Opportunity.
{!CloseDate} - TODAY()
This formula calculates also the day's after the close date .
We want to exclude some stages of the Opportunity from this formula.
We only want a result of the formula when the opportunity is not equal to the stages close lost, contract, implemented and no bid.
Can you help me completing the formula?
Thank you very much
Jeanette Tiekstra
I have created some sample leads and converted them to accounts, in order to test an S-control.
When I delete the accounts(contacts and related taks) I can still see these test leads appearing as converted in my reports.
When I try to access them I get an error message "Lead has been converted".

How can I delete them?

Thanks for the help!
We are using Professional Edition, and I'm trying to fina a way to integrate Approval Requests into our Opportunities (I know with Enterprise & Unlimited this can be done through the Workflow process). The Approval Requests object that can be found on the Contracts tab is perfect, but I can't fine a way to get that list into the Opportunity layout.
Does anyone know if this is possible, of it there is another way I can get this set up to have the approvals managed in the Opportunities?
I have downloaded the content of tables (case,casesolutions & solutions) into my own tables. I thought that there is a one to many relationship between the case object and the solutions object through casesolutions object. however the ids in the casesolutions object associated with the CaseID and SolutionID fields do not match the CaseNumber and SolutionNumber in the case and solutions table.

Any help is appreciated.
  • November 09, 2006
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I have a BeginDateTime and a EndDateTime also with a time offset in Hours.  Is there a formula where I can take the EndDateTime subtract the BeginDateTime + the TimeOffset in hours to get a total time.  Here is an example
BeginDateTime 11/1/06 9:35 PM
EndDateTime 11/1/06 11:45 PM
TimeOffset = 2
So I want to take 11/1/06 11:45PM - (11/1/06 9:35PM + 2hrs) should get calculated number field of .17 for the total hours or 10 minutes.
here is what my formula looks like now
(({!End_Date__c} - ({!Begin_Date__c} +  {!Time_Offset__c})   )     * 24
Thank you
In the Professional Edition, is there a simple way to duplicate custom information from Accounts to Contracts. I have tried a custom formula referencing the Account {!Accounts_Vendor} but can't seem to get the right syntax.
Hi All,
Is anybody know the way how to detect the type of SalesForce edition via API ?
I know it is a well know question but unfortunately I didn't find any clear answer on this question.
Sales Force providing a lot of different editions: Enterprise, Unlimited .... but I didn't find any way how to detect type of editions.
I found some advise from Benji Jasik. He suggest to query for an object that is only in Enterprise Edition, and if it fails, assume you are in Professional. So can somebody provide a list of such objects ? During test the following links http://www.salesforce.com/products/comparison.jsp
I didn't find the objects for query.
Can somebody help?
Thank you in advance
I am having problem calculating the age on a custom object.
This is my formula:
IF({!Fulfillment_Completion_Date__c}, ROUND ({!Fulfillment_Completion_Date__c} - {!CreatedDate} , 0) ,
ROUND(( TODAY() - {!CreatedDate}),0))
Here is the error I am getting:
Error: Incorrect parameter for function -. Expected Number, Date, received DateTime
Can anyone help me fix this?
Thanks in advance,
  • October 19, 2006
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I'm getting the following error message for the formula I build below which I don't understand."Error: Compiled formula is too big to execute (4,074 characters). Maximum size is 4,000 characters" By my count I have 159 characters!

The formula I've created is trying to figure out the margins between what the end user (customer) pays 2nd tier (reseller) and what 2nd tier pays the 1st Tier (distributor). The formula also need to take into consideration that sometimes there may not be 2nd Tier (reseller) and that the 1st Tier sells directly to the end user (customer).
I'm using a what if statement in case there is no 2nd Tier. Do I have my formula right?

IF( ISNULL( {!New_2nd_Tier_Margin__c}) , (1.00-({!New_1st_Tier_Cost__c} / {!
New_End_User_Cost__c} )), (1.00-({!New_1st_Tier_Cost__c} / {!New_2nd_Tier_Cost__c} )))
Does anyone know how I do this? I have tried exporting my contacts into excel and then filling in the missing cells, then hitting "update selected cells". I get an error message. I have also tried using the wizard but I don't know how to set the criteria so that  "Account" "Equals" "BlANK". No data comes up when I do this.
Any suggestions?
Cheri Sugal
Executive Director
Friends of Calakmul

I was curious if anyone knows how to program this.

When we convert a Lead to an Account we would like to set the Account type to a certain value. I cannot find how to modify the Convert screen or anywhere else to perform this function.

Thanks so much

Greetings all,
I'm fairly new to SFDC customizations, so I'm wondering if someone might be able to help me !
I have two custom objects..  let's call them TableParent and TableChild.
TableParent has the following fields:  Primary1, Field2 and Field3.
TableChild has a a field called MyParent, which is simply a lookup against TableParent (and produces a selection list of the parent table's primary field, Primary1).
TableChild also has fields ParentField2 and ParentField3.  I would like these to auto-populate based on the selection of MyParent.
How to proceed?
Thanks to any and all assistance,
Eileen M,
newb extrodinaire
How can i get SFDC to Copy the result of a formula and paste it as (Special, just the cell value) so that i can reference it using another formula.
Currently i am returning the greater than 4000 error......
  • October 12, 2006
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I am trying to create a scoring system for my clients so I can rate each client.  I have created several drop down lists for my salesforce team to choose from.  (Each picklist has a choice between 1 2 3).  What I want to do is at the end of the test use a formula to provide the final score the client received.  I tried to use the ISPICKVAL however I was unsuccessful.  If I had a picklist of numeric values 1 2 3 4 5, how would I create a formula to read those values and add other values of other picklists that have 1 2 3 4 5 and provide a final sum?


My organization has a small problem and we are looking for a solution to fix this issue. On the lead side we collect information in a particular field, and we would like to map this information to both the contact and the opportunity record upon converting.

As far as we are aware, SFDC does not allow duplicate mapping to occur. If I am wrong in this, please let me know and explain how I can make it happen. Our thought is then to create a 2nd custom field with a field formula that looks something like (field2 = field1) so that when we convert we can just map it to 2 locations.

Can anyone shed some light on this, and provide some assistance on how to solve this problem.

How can we add a lookup on standard objects. For example how can i add an account lookup on Lead.