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Hi, Customer Portal is available for force.com projects or for salesforce.com only?



Hi, Customer Portal is available for force.com projects or for salesforce.com only?



Our company set up our login and shopping cart with OS commerce. We would like to incorporate Salesforce's customer portal, however I do not know if:

1) The login for either program will interfere with the other
2) One must be disabled to allow the other to function correctly
3) The login information gather from OS Commerce can be synched with leads and contacts in Salesforce
4) The customer portal can be synched to the shopping cart to allow us to keep information on what is purchased in Salesforce

I am obviously not familiar with prgraming language,a nd these questions are not typically asked of the salesforce customer service agents, so I am interested in really discovering what Sales froce can and cannot do in laymen's terms.

Thank you.
Are there any plans to improve the self service capability in salesforce.com?

It's just plain awful - so bad in fact, that clearly salesforce.com don't even use it.

I may be missing something but:
  • Why can't I write solutions in HTML with formatting?
  • Why is the width of the page hard-coded to a maximum size (why not a percentage)?
  • Why must I have the enormous salesforce.com logo at the bottom of every page - I mean, how much advertising does it need?
It feels like something that was thrown together, but should never have been released - I mean, these are REALLY basic problems and I've only just started researching its capability.

The reason I ask is because we want to add a self-service support management system to our site and ideally we'd be linked to our customer data.  At this moment in time, salesforce.com feels like a very poor solution and I'd like to think it was going to improve.