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We need to perform a mass update of the designated Masters (Account) for thousands of Details (custom object).  However, because of the nature of Master-Detail, this is not possible.  So we are toying with the idea of temporarily changing the relationship to a Lookup, make the ID changes, and the change the relationship back to Master-Detail.

I did this in my dev org on a very small scale and didn't notice any repercussions.  But I can't help but wonder if there wouldn't be some secondary effect to changing the relationship field type back and forth for existing records with children of their own.

Has anyone tried this before?  If so what was your experience?
When creating a new AppExchange project in eclipse, I am unable to get past the following error:

"Cannot set authentication properties.
Could not validate credentials."

The details are as follows:
"INVALID_LOGIN: Login request to wrong instance.  Please use this URL: https://www.salesforce.com"

The server that my client uses is the ssl server (not na1, na2, na3, etc).  Any ideas on what the problem is?  And yes, I have verified that my caps-lock isn't on when typing the password, etc.

I posted an according formula that actually fits into a formula field, but unfortunately submitted it to the wrong board: http://community.salesforce.com/t5/Apex-Code-Development/Formula-Field-calculating-the-18-digit-ID-from-the-15-digit-ID/td-p/189848.

Hope this helps,

Is it possible to receive outbound notifications for Cases when comments are added to the case or data within related tables is changed?  
BR() function doesn't work inside of a Field Update and SFdc has no  work around or fix... Hmmmm
I have a formula that adds the value of a text field (Field A) into another text field (Field B) every time a value in another field (Field C) changes. Pretty simple. The problem is that without the BR() function all of the values just get added to each other to the point where it is not really readable.
Can anybody suggest something?
Can you setup conditional lookup? ex. I have created a new custom object 'Interest' which has master-detail relationship to 'contact' object. In addition, I like to setup another field that would store the 'account' record associated with the 'contact' record in the 'Interest' object. It doesn't look like this is easily done. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

In detail,

[Interest]object contains
{Interest_Contact} field -> linked to [Contact] standard object
{Interest_Account} field -> must link to the {Interest_Contact}'s [Account] record.

During the data entry phase, it is quite easy to automatically link [Contact] record to a new [Interest] record. However, when you try to enter {Interest_Account} field via the lookup table, you get all [Account] records instead of the one that is associated with the {Interest_contact}. How do you program the setup so that it either automatically fill the {Interest_Account} with the proper [Account] record or only display the [Account] record associated with the {Interest_Contact} record?