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This is stumping me, I am pretty sure I am close, just can't seem to get this right today.

So, render this output, if Case.Requested Action = "This" and the Case.CreateDate <= 8/4/2014. Seems simple....

<td class="Table"><apex:outputLabel value="Chewbacca " rendered="{!IF(CONTAINS(Case.RequestedAction__c, "blah blah") & !IF(Case.Requested_Actvation_Date_Time__c <= DATE(2014,8,5)TRUE,False),False)}"/></td>

Currently getting:
Error: Syntax error. Missing ')'

Any suggestions?

Is it possible to update a child record of all contacts when one of the contact child record is updated? We have a custom object associated to contacts and would like the same record to reflect on all contacts within the same account. For example, Account A has 2 contacts, Contact 1 and Contact 2. Each contact has a child record, namely Child Record 1.a and Child Record 2.a. When Child Record 1.a is updated, Child Record 2.a should also update. Both child records should have the same info.

Is this possible? How do I do this?

If I have 10 items in a multi-select picklist. How can I limit the number selected to 3?
I need to create a screen that looks somewhat like this: A look-alike of the screen that I need to build

Seems weird to me that having more user-driven search terms isn't part of the native functionality of the platform, does this have to be developed in VisualForce?