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Hi, I would like to create an application that connects to a remote MySQL database.  I've seen apps that can schedule jobs to send the data to salesforce.com, but I would like to know if it is possible to sync the data between Salesforce.com and my MySQL database?

As I will be making changes within salesforce and my MySQL database.

Thanks in advance !
I have contract documents which are reviewed and summarised by using different types of forms. Contract 1 may be summarised using an employment form, contract 2 may be summarised using a tax form, contract 3 may be summarised by a real estate form and so on.
Using custom objects I have created each type of form - the forms pose different questions to capture specific details in the contracts. What I'm now trying to do is create a custom "document summary" object that relates a document instance to the review forms. The entity-relationships are as follows
  • a document can have 0 - many document summaries
  • a document summary can be one of employment form, tax form, real estate form etc.

Can I use the Lookup Relationship field type to do this? If so, do I need abstract the form type in some way?

  • April 02, 2008
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what is the process to integrate Force.Com IDE with Eclipse for the new version
I have a custom object defined with a namespace/custom prefix : the resulting classname is something like ALT__Myklass__c

I wish to define Myklass in ActiveSFDC :
class Myklass < ActiveRecord::Base
    include ActiveSalesforce::ActiveRecord::Mixin
This does not work : ActiveSFDC looks for ALT_Myklass (notice only 1 underscore), or defaults back to ALT_Myklass__c (still only 1 underscore). This does not work either if we do not set_table_name : AsctiveSFDC goes llooking for Myklass__c, with no prefix.

ActiveSFDC needs to handle namespace prefixes correctly, just as it handles custom '__c' suffixes.
  • March 19, 2007
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