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Hi. This is the problem I'm having:

- I'm in the Connector.

- I select Sforce Table Query Wizard

- I select "Account":as the table to query

- The custom field I want to select for "Account" shows up twice

- Even if I only select it once in the wizard, the Connector adds it twice to my worksheet

- If I try to run the query with this custom field added twice, I get an error about dupicate fields (exception code 5077)

- If I don't use this custom field but rather any other native or custom fields, the Connector pulls the data without error

Does anyone know what the cause of this duplicate field in the wizard is? As far as I can tell, and I created it, it's a regular custom text field. One possible clue is that this custom field is visible in the wizard next to all of the other custom fields for Account as it should be. But the duplicate of this custom field is right underneath "Account ID" in the field list.

A second clue is that when I mouse over the cell with the column header for this custom field, its name has an underscore "c" appended to it - like so: "Identification_c." However, if I mouse over the other field names in the spreadsheet, it's only the field label (e.g., "Identification).

And this reminds me that I did do one unique thing to this custom field when I set it up that I didn't do to its brothers. I made it a required field in order to save the record.

Anyway, suggestions on how to include it in the query are appreciated because it is a critical field.

  • February 15, 2007
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