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Developer Support Engineer- Salesforce.com


Location:  San Francisco, CA; San Mateo, CA; Toronto, Canada; Remote


Description: The Force.com platform is the most scalable, secure and popular on-demand platform in the world today. You can develop and instantaneously deploy applications without any infrastructure - 100% on-demand. We are seeking a highly motivated and creative individual ready to drive our customers to creating excellent applications on the Force.com platform. If you seek to join our talented, highly innovative team to enhance the Developer, Customer, and Partner user experience, this might be the perfect fit for you.



·         Assist third-party developers to troubleshoot their integration with salesforce.com APIs, Apex, Visualforce and implementation

          of other salesforce.com developer products. This will involve debugging, troubleshooting, and taking

          responsibility to see that the issue is fully resolved.

·         Write sample code, client libraries, and contribute to Open Source projects.

·         The Developer Support Engineer will take the initiative to create knowledge base materials dedicated

          towards operational efficiency while also empowering and enabling the developer community.



Required Skills/Experience:

·          BA/BS degree in a technical field preferred with a strong academic record.

·          3+ years engineering / programming work experience.

·         Visualforce and Apex code experience

·          Ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively.

·          Solid knowledge of XML, preferably experience using server-to-server web services (SOAP)

·          Solid programming abilities in one or more of the following languages: Java, PHP, Python, Ruby,

           .NET, JavaScript and Perl.

·          Some APIs also require strong AJAX web application development experience and knowledge of browser

           compatibility issues.

·          Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·          Solid understanding of Internet technologies: firewalls, web servers, web proxy servers, etc.

·          Understanding of database concepts and data management (RDBMS) and SQL


Desired Skills/Experience:

·          Previous experience with Salesforce.com CRM and its technologies.

·          Experience as a committer in an Open Source project is a plus.



If interested, please contact myself, Brad Davis - (bdavis@salesforce.com) or call me @ 415.536.5217



  • June 29, 2009
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Hi, my understanding is that if you use Apex triggers on an opportunity perhaps, clicking "Keep Sales Team" is rendered useless because the code overwrites what's happening in the UI. Has anyone ran into this, and if so, does anyone have any insight on what kind of code is needed to make this happen, as well as what other "gotchas" could occur by using a before/after update trigger in this fashion?

Thanks all!

  • November 02, 2007
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I'm looking to see if anyone has any success pushing mobile updates from a BES Server. We are able to push to new devices, but not to devices with Apex Mobile already loaded on it. Has anyone had any luck or can help out here? Thanks!!! -Brad
  • October 11, 2007
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I want to run an s-control that will be invoked by a standard user, but the s-control needs to update a field that's only accessible to an administrator... is there a way to "log-in" as an administrator in the background so the s-control can run? I thought you can do something with a session id of an admin, but wouldn't that expire eventually? Someone please help, thanks! -Brad
  • September 21, 2007
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The reason I need to send the output of the s-control to the screen is because it's updating a field in the profile - however the user needs to actually refresh the screen for the new field value to show up -- meaning, even though the data in the database is accurate, to the user, the value LOOKS old because apparently the view shows up before the database is updated with the update function.... anyone have this issue before as well? (I am summing up a total of related list items, and when they add a new related list item, my update to an "Amount" field is occurring successfully, it's just that when they first view the page after hitting save, the Amount field has the old value until you refresh (but it did update the field even though it shows the old value)....)
  • March 21, 2007
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Has anyone done this before where you have an s-control in a profile, and it looks just like a regular field (that is, when you change the browser window size, the s-controls follows along with the other fields)? I saw some references to some technotes, but if someone can just slap in any s-control they have done that looks like a regular field I will extrapolate what I need. Would be much appreciated. Thanks!! -Brad
  • March 21, 2007
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Hi, I've seen some posts on this but none answer it specifically. I have a simple applet with some class files that it needs to reference. I tried uploading these class files into documents, and tried referencing the document location in the applet, but it says:

load: class /servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=01550000000Fena not found.
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: .servlet.servlet.FileDownload?file=01550

(I also tried https://etc)

Where would I upload this class, and how do I reference this class in the applet that is in the s-control? Any help would be much appreciated!!!

  • January 23, 2007
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Hello everyone. 
I am in need of some help creating a S-Control.  I am the Admin for my company but do not have much programming experience.  I am trying to create a process in the opportunity tab that will create a new record in in a related custom object when the user saves a new opportunity.  The new record on the custom (related) object will contain data from 3 fields in the opportunity.  I was told that an S-Control can achieve this.  If anyone can lead me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance,
Is it possible to include more than one table in an outbound message? For example a contact record with it's parent account in one record? This is useful when the external system has it's own external ID for accounts and not the salesforce ID shown in the AccountID field of a contact and the message is triggered off the contact.
I have a feeling the answer is no, but I do have to ask. Any alternatives? Like writing apex code and using outbound messaging libraries?
PLEASE ONLY ONE PERSON HELP ME WITH THIS AT A TIME (unless you don't care about the $25!). I realize I am way over my head with this, but I would really like to see this in action. Again, only one person help at a time, as I only have one $25 Paypal payment to give out! This is where I am at:

1) Installed JDK 1.42
2) Installed Tomcat 4.1 (not sure if this is needed) - verified running on port 8080
3) Installed Apache Axis 1.4 (copied webapp/axis over to Tomcat - again not sure if required)
4) Downloaded Enterprise WSDL from Salesforce and saved to desktop
5) Installed Ant

NOW, I just need to run Java2WSDL and I am STUCK! I realize I probably have to compile this and I am completely lost what to do. I'm not sure if the Enterprise WSDL import is related to this step, but I need help with this too.

Thanks in advance, once I get this running, I will immediately paypal you $25! -Charles