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Hi Has anyone been able to add a sales team member with an s-control? Obviously you can't initalize a sales team object and then append field values, so how would you do this? Please advise thanks! I just thought though, is the only way to go to the Add Sales Team member page via the s-control and adding the field values in the URL and then having it save, all automatically? Is that the only way? Thanks!
PLEASE ONLY ONE PERSON HELP ME WITH THIS AT A TIME (unless you don't care about the $25!). I realize I am way over my head with this, but I would really like to see this in action. Again, only one person help at a time, as I only have one $25 Paypal payment to give out! This is where I am at:

1) Installed JDK 1.42
2) Installed Tomcat 4.1 (not sure if this is needed) - verified running on port 8080
3) Installed Apache Axis 1.4 (copied webapp/axis over to Tomcat - again not sure if required)
4) Downloaded Enterprise WSDL from Salesforce and saved to desktop
5) Installed Ant

NOW, I just need to run Java2WSDL and I am STUCK! I realize I probably have to compile this and I am completely lost what to do. I'm not sure if the Enterprise WSDL import is related to this step, but I need help with this too.

Thanks in advance, once I get this running, I will immediately paypal you $25! -Charles

Dear folks
I have had to reinstall the Office SDK onto my PC and am receiving the below error when I try and connect to SFC....   It is in a popup box saying that
"Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available.  Do you want to proceed?"
Irrespective of which option I take it doesn't allow me to continue.
I have not seen this error before - any ideas as to how I may rectify?
Many thanks
  • September 11, 2006
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