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After some investigation, I am getting this error with Outlook Edition 3.2.502. I don't have this error message with the previous OE version (3.2.119). Fortunately I kept the old version so I could reinstall it.

I am posting this if it can help someone ... and also for salesforce to solve the issue with the OE connector


  • January 02, 2009
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I've downloaded the sforce_connector PE and it works GREAT on most machines. On a few however, it won't install. I get a message from Microsoft/VisualBasic that says "Can't find Project or Library. Then it asks me for the sforce_connector password.
Has this happened to anyone else before? Does anyone know the password to the XLA? Maybe I can debug it on my own.
Neither "ttytytytyty" nor "sett" work

Many Thanks. Phil