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Hopefully this is the right place to post data extraction questions?
My task is to be able to automate the export of salesforce.com object tables into a MS SQL Server (currently 2005) database tables for backups and adhoc local reporting.  In addition, I need to automate the import process for a nightly sync between a few local information tables and salesforce. 
My requirements are:
- Process should be fully automated
- Process should be able to execute daily (nice to have incremental rather than full copy for export)
- On success or failure of extraction, some individuals should be notified
Currently, I've been trying to use Data Loader version 7, which now has the functionality to connect to databases through a JDBC connector.  However, the examples given are for connecting to Oricale, and I'm not sure what provider / connection string I need to use to connect to MS SQL Server? 
For my requirements, I heard about dbAmp and was wondering whether it's a better fit for what I'm doing? 
Your comments are more than appreciated,
Many thanks,