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We need Batch Apex in our organization as soon as possible. However, contrary to the documentation which says you can request the feature, customer support tells us that the "Pilot Program" for Batch Apex is closed - they said they will not enable the feature.


Why the change of policy?  Any chance to fit in a new customer?

  • July 08, 2009
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NPower Seattle is currently seeking a Database Consultant to serve our nonprofit clients.  NPower is a Salesforce Foundation implementation partner -- we help roll out Salesforce accounts to organizations across the Puget Sound area.

Job description:
Our Database Consultants assist nonprofit clients with the selection, implementation and maintenance of the databases they use to guide program development and manage relationships with clients, constituents, and funders. The position requires a broad background in database software, especially Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and CRM systems such as Salesforce.com. Experience with nonprofit operations is preferred.

Submit resumes and cover letters to Resumes@NPowerSeattle.org.  Preference given to those received before September 24th.  Explore the full job description at http://www.npowerseattle.org/getinvolved/jobs/.


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  • September 11, 2007
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In Winter 10.


I have a batch apex that could potentially return at least  250000 records. 


Documentation says that batch jobs using a query locator can return 50 million records.


But, the batch job that I have does not work if the query returns even 20000 records.


Anyone with the same issue? 

  • October 01, 2009
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Hey Guys,


This one has just popped up on a clients org when running test classes, im frantically searching through the config to make sure no one has change something to unique but i havent found anything yet, any ideas?


System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: DUPLICATE_VALUE, duplicate value found: <unknown> duplicates value on record with id: <unknown>

I have packaged up my application within my development environment (Create --> Packages) but I get this error when I click the Upload or Upload Now Links:
Data Not Available
The data you were trying to access could not be found. It may be due to another user deleting the data or a system error. If you know the data is not deleted but cannot access it, please look at our support page.

Click here to return to the previous page.


Completely useless for determining what is going on. Any ideas?



I'm starting to do some research into what it would take to create a Visualforce popup window similar to the standard salesforce lookup windows.  For now, my intention is to try to come up with a stronger lookup window for one of our custom objects, and at the moment I plant to create a link on a visualforce page to bring the popup up.  (This link will be right next to the existing standard salesforce lookup icon.)
I figured I'd start by seeing if anyone else has had any success doing something like this.  The items I am going to tackle first are:
1.  Create the popup window.  -  Don't expect this to be a problem.
2.  Pass parameters to the popup through the URL - Don't expect this to be a problem.
3.  Emulate the existing functionality of an existing Salesforce lookup, so that the lookup window will disappear automatically if the parent window is reselected - Not sure how to implement this one yet
4.  Pass a value, in this case, an Id back to the parent window - Not sure how I'm going to do this, but I'm going to attempt to pass some sort of callback function into the popup so it can return a value
Being able to do something like this leads to the need to be able to override standard Salesforce lookup functionality.  That way this could be easily implemented on standard pages, in addition to VisualForce pages.
If anyone has attempted something like this with Visualforce yet, any learnings would be great!
Jon Keener