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Does anyone know if it's possible to configure Eclipse to edit and then deploy approval processes.

I can see various object schema within Eclipse (including workflows) but no access to the approval process code.

Just wondered if anyone has managed this?

Best wishes
Hi all,

I have used in the past (only a couple of times) ANT to deploy metadata and Apex from a Sandbox to a Production environment.

I have not installed Eclipse and I was hoping to use it instead of ANT.

It seems however, I only have the option to deploy the Apex Classes and Triggers with Eclipse, but what about all the other metadata?. I am talking about:

- New or modified fields
- New validation rules
- New workflow rules and templates
- etc....

Any help would be much appreciated. Even if it is a pointer to some good documentation. Thanks,

  • November 28, 2008
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I need some clarification regarding reusing of sales force code segments in our sales force applications.

For example say I want to use a part of the code used in salesforce "mailmerge" which calls "/mail/mmchoose.jsp" or I want to use the  following "var newMM = new ActiveXObject('AppExchangeMailMerge.MMHost.1')" found in a forum example.

I want to know if I have to get licence for using these or anyother codes in salesforce in our applications.

Thank You
  • November 24, 2008
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I want to do salesforce certification Dev 401 and DEV 501. We are partners of Salesforce, so can anybody tell me the exact price of the certification ?

Any pointers on these is highly appreciated.

Thank You,
I have the basic structure down of doing a visual force page.  I can remove the top bars and the side bars.  I want to render th page in the center of the screen, like a data entry window (pretty format, lol).  Basically when a link is clicked it the window pops up and the user is able to enter the data.
I have a Apex Class. I edit it, slightly. I save it. It does not report any problems.

I save the class to the server. It succeeds.

But no change is made to the file on the server.

I do a full refresh of the entire org from the server into the IDE.

The changes I made made are in the refreshed code.

Still no changes to code when I go in through salesforce.com directly.

Hi ,
Thanks Rick . I am new to salesforce . i just want to know whether it is possible to use Data loader to inset Apex classes . can u just give me a breif idea on Visual force IDE.
  • November 11, 2008
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I'm using Eclispe 3.3.2 to Deploy changes to My Developer Salesforce account. But I'm receiving this error as specified in the attachment.

Error Screen Link: http://img123.imageshack.us/my.php?image=sshot1bf1.jpg

- Varun

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  • November 10, 2008
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How do you do this? I tried selecting the source custom object in the Ecliipse project browser, right click, copy, paste on the target org's Object node.

Error: force.com does not support moving resource to destination "n/a"
So far from everything I've read (been searching around for quite awhile now) you can't make a field dependency for text fields. The controlling field would still be a picklist ("Products") but the dependent field would be a text field called "Other". My company has 6 standard products we sell, but once in awhile something will be ordered that is different but a rare occasion (so it doesn't make sense to add it to the perminent list) - typically it's supplemental to the product we sell, like say a box of cable ties or something. Basically if they choose "other" from the product picklist, it will enable the "Other" text field to be filled in - else it disables the field.

Can this still be done or am I just S.O.L.? I'm kind of surprised that all fields are not allowed to be selected for the dependent field, really.
I'm having some trouble navigating relationships within a SOQL query.  The following query works:
    "Select Id, (Select Duration__c From PayCodeEdits__r) from Worker__c"

where as this one doesn't:

SELECT id, PayCodeEdits__r.Duration__c FROM Worker__c

problem is that I need to be able to filter the output on the relationship thusly:

SELECT id, PayCodeEdits__r.Duration__c FROM Worker__c Where PayCodeEdits__r.Duration__c = 4

that doesn't work and I can't figure out how to make that filter appear in the working syntax
  • February 06, 2008
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What I am trying to do is build a visual force page to display a table with all the contacts who have taken Adm 201, but have not taken Adm 301.

Admin 201 and Admin 301 are products that are related to the opportunity. 

If anybody can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

Hi All,
i have a requirement where in i have to load data from excel using UI. is it possible? If yes please do let me know its solution as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance,
I am consolidating my Force.com Developer pdf Library and I can't find the Apex Developer's Guide for Winter 09. Is it not available yet?
I found the Apex Language Reference for Winter 09, and the Visualforce Developer's Guide for Winter 09, but not the Apex Developer's Guide.
Was it supplanted by the Force.com Developer's Guide?
I have a Picklist called Status in my junction object visualforce page, it contains three values. I need to display to the values in another visualforce page in a table and i also need to add additional values to the picklist, how do i do it plz help me...
  • December 10, 2008
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   I want to display more than 15 fields in a custom view I am creating. Is there anyway to do this? Why is there a limit of only 15 fields that can be displayed? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Hi to all,
Can anyone clear the doubt in Email Services. While creating an Email Service salesforce automatically generates an email id. All the mails sent to this mail id can be created as Contacts,Lead etc. Instead of salesforce genarated mail address can we use our own mail id. Can any give sample code for this..
Thanks in advance,
New SalesForce developer - barely treading water despite 20+ years programming!:smileyhappy:
I need to map data from JavaScript to an existing SalesForce object in a remote application. My original data is from a Flash application and I need to update a SalesForce object.
Question 1: What type of data does a Picklist field type take? The text of the actual selection or the relative number of the selection on the options list?
Question 2: What type of data does a Checkbox field type take? "True/False" as text, JavaScript True/False boolean or typical SQL 1/0 as integer?
I can't seem to find this information in any of the guides.
Thank you for any help.
A. A. Katz (Alan)

I'm required to add the field "Mobile" (as in Mobile phone) to the fields available when creating a New Contact, via Lookup.
I couldn't find where one edits that page's layout.

Can you help please?

  • December 09, 2008
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If an opportunity is created for Account 123, opportunity name is Opportunity–123.  If another opportunity is created for Account 123, the system will return an error if the name of the opportunity is the same as one already in SFDC.

Is it possible?

  • December 09, 2008
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We have a client looking that already has MS CRM looking to deploy SFDC for a specific group.
One of the requirements is to integrate the two.  We’re still trying to nail down what “integrate” means but at a high level, I think we could address their needs if we placed a web link on a MS CRM form that points to the associated entity in SF ie




The client is using MS CRM inside of Outlook but I am assuming building a link and putting it on a form should be pretty straightforward.


Can records in MS CRM be addressed with a URL like they can in Salesforce.com?





if this were the case we could atleast point a user in both directions from either system. 


Once we have ids in from both systems we may look to periodically synch records from the two systems…is it possible to simply read/write directly from the SQL Database or is it necessary to work through some sort of API?

  • December 09, 2008
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Is there a reference guide for using soql?  I have the apex, visualforce and api reference guides.  Just curious if there is a guide specifically dedicated to soql.
Are there any other online resources for the api, apex or visualforce that anyone would recommend?
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this--I'm still not sure about the relationships amon Apex, AppExchange, Force.com, and the Web Services and Metada APIs.

I want to get a report's data through the Web Services API. I'm coding in Java, but my understanding is the implementation language shouldn't matter.

As near as I can tell, what I'll have to do is first get the report's metadata with the Metadata API, then use that to construct a SOQL query that I'll execute to get the report data. Is this the only way, or is there a more direct way through the Web Services API to just say, "Run this report and give me the results?" I've been studying the API for a couple of days now and haven't found anything, but I'm hoping I missed something.

Alternatively, if I schedule a report through the website, is it possible to retrieve its results via the API?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this subject.


  • December 08, 2008
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Hello please answer my two questions:

            1. In what format(type of file) the created Visulaforce pages are stored at the Salesforce.com Server side?
            2. In what format(type of file) the tabs are stored at the Salesforce.com server side?


We have a client application that currently relies on knowing the administrator username/password to log in and read/update data in salesforce

When admins change their password or reset the security tokens, this creates big problems.

How does one solve this issue?

I am wondering if any of these can be used (in preferred order)

1. Salesforce acts as a the single-sign on authentication authority.

2. A "fake" single sign-on solution where we maintain the username/password for one user who has privileges similar to Admin (SFDC recommends that real admin not be put on Single Sign On). We would implement the Authenticate web service and return true.

3  A real single sign on solution where both our application and salesforce use a central username/password. I assume this is possible

4. Salesforce.com periodically polls our application to pull the data, instead of we callling it. How does one implement periodic polling?

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