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I have a Custom Button with an Execute JavaScript behavior whose content source is execute javascript.
Is there away for me to embed and call an active X control from this?

Or is S-Control the only way?
can we use our custom .css file in salsforce.com to customize the look and feal of the page like colour , font etc. Can anyone help me in this regard...
Looking to create some dashboards for Executive Level and Sales Users.

I am a new customer to Salesforce.com and I need some help customizing and developing this platform for my company. We currently have the Professional Edition and we have 4 users. 


Our business is in the financial services and we are in need of the following:


1. Help with building custom objects

2. Linking objects

3. creating relationships

4. Custom lists


Our needs are probably pretty basic right now but as we start using salesforce.com I am sure we will need to add additional fucntionality in the very near future. 

  • January 24, 2010
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Looking for a developer with experience in building on the Force.com platform to do an Salesforce integration with another SaaS-based application.


Please email whodoyouknowat@gmail.com for more information.

  • January 21, 2010
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I am going to cut to the chase here since I have recently had 2 Salesforce consultants not work out.


I am looking for an independent consultant only - no big companies with layers of project managers and multiple engineers.  You must have clear communication and fast response time to phone calls & e-mails.  I am a small operation.  I can't afford $80/hour, but I don't expect a quality knowledgeable consultant to work for $20/hour either.  I am a reasonable business owner who wants reasonable work done at a reasonable rate.  I don't expect that you know how to do every single thing I ask off the top of your head, but I expect that you will be able to figure things out and have some ideas / suggestions to improve the way I use Salesforce today. 


I am a Cisco Network engineer for my other business and I am fully aware that the big companies more than double the rate that the engineer actually gets paid.  I don't mind if you have a 40/hour week contract and want to do this work on nights / weekends as long as you are 100% committed to doing it.  I'm a month behind schedule and am leaving for an overseas trip (for my Cisco business) in 2.5 weeks.  I need the work completed before I leave.  Please don't respond if you're not available immediately.


I own a recording studio in Detroit.  I already have the Salesforce basics configured.


I need several customizations done including the following:


1) Integrate Salesforce web to lead form on MySpace page and have e-mail campaigns to MySpace users utilizing Salesforce.  E-mail campagins with MySpace?


2) I have a one user Salesforce Professional account.  Be able to integrate Salesforce with my gmail account such that I can sync the contacts on my phone (not the Salesforce contacts, but the actual blackberry phone contacts).  Sync the calendar on the phone directly, too.  I want to avoid using Outlook. I am currently sync'ing Salesforce to Outlook to Blackberry Desktop Manager to my Blackberry.  It's an administrative burden that I am hoping to eliminate.  :)


3) E-mail campaigns.  Do you have to do this within Salesforce and pay per e-mail?  I've heard that www.aweber.com is a free e-mail sending tool.  Could this or something else be used in conjunction with Salesforce?


4) Map custom fields in lead to custom fields in both account / contact.  Discuss the value of account / contacts to determine if I really need both since all my customers are only 1 or 2 people.


5) Tool to manage Email Campaigns and ties back to contacts and leads.  In conjunction with this, if I have an e-mail campaign where I collect 100's of e-mail addresses from bands' websites, is there a way to quickly import the leads and purge the ones that don't respond automatically after a designated amount of time?


6) Quick create leads directly from gmail. Attach e-mails to leads, contacts, accounts directly from e-mail.


Thank you!


Russ Meuchel



Mavens Consulting is expanding rapidly and is looking to augment its development practice.  Dev 401 and 501 certifications are a plus.


Please email joe [at] mavensconsulting.com for more information.



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Message Edited by joe ferraro on 01-28-2010 08:13 AM

Looking for certified SalesForce admin with ability to design and implement a system able to handle our internal and external needs. Would be a full time position on contract and have an estimated duration of two months. Position would be from Jan. 15 to March 15 or completion.

If interested contact:

Cameron Barnes


Direct: (775) 303-7917 

I have a Custom Button with an Execute JavaScript behavior whose content source is execute javascript.
Is there away for me to embed and call an active X control from this?

Or is S-Control the only way?
Wondering if there is an issue with the developer version of the application development framework in loading custom image when creating a new application? I could not manage to provide a custom image after successfully installing the image in the documents tab.
  • April 27, 2008
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Hi All,
I am trying to create accounts through Data Loader. The accounts are getting created but the account owner field is getting updated to the user id used for the operation. I am not sure why this error is encountered. I was able to load succesfully without any issues 2 days back. yesterday we did a sandbox refresh. The owner id in production and  sandbox for the users are same.
Can some one help us why this issue is encountered.
  I'm in the process of deprecating a good number of fields on our lead and account objects (as part of a process we're undergoing here to restructure how we're modeling our data in Salesforce) and am hitting a wall with deleting some of our custom fields.

In several cases, in deleting a field, I was notified that a field was being referenced, and a link would be supplied to where the offending field was in use (typically in a custom link or button).  There's a good dozen however where I'm getting the same error, but this time instead of an actual useful bit of information, I get bupkis.

Instead, I get an error stating that the requested change can't be completed; reason: "This custom field is referenced elsewhere in Salesforce."  Section: "This custom field is referenced elsewhere in Salesforce."  So I've been clicking around anywhere that seems to make sense--I've scoured S-Controls, custom links, workflow rules, lead field mappings--and for the life of me I can't identify where these references exist.  To say this process is frustrating is a colossal understatement.

Anyone have pointers on another approach I might be able to approach to try to figure out where else I need to sever these references?
Is it possible to customize the home page of a standard/custom object with dashboards easily?