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I posted a shorter version of this message over at Rubyforge.

We are currently trying to integrate our Rails app with SFDC for use with multiple organizations and have come up with three possible solutions:

1) Using ActiveSalesForce

2) Building our own data-sync tool with a SOAP handler which captures outbound messages and then grabs data in from SFDC and updates our local MySQL.
3) Using Relational Junction with multiple DBs on our server and using a beforefilter :database_hijack to tell our app which DB to connect to for each connection

My question is whether there is any current functionality in ActiveSalesForce which allows not only for multiple connections to a local DB and Salesforce.com but also multiple accounts/organizations in Salesforce.

Is this something other people have dealt with and, if so, what did they do?

I've rather run in to an unique scheme of things here.
I need my SF to periodically query an external MySQL DB and pull data from the MySQL DB and push it in to SF. Can someone guide me through this with some initial ideas?
Can a workflow achieve this or maybe an s-control that auto-runs periodically?
Thanks, very much.
kindly help me how do I integrate the salesforce.com using Apatar tool installation,
and it is giving error like API_disabled_for_org: API is not enabled for this organisationor partener after entering the user name and passsword
I am looking for some precise document for connecting Oracle Apps/Financials with SFDC, to fetch data from Oracle Apps in SFDC.
Any pointer or help would be appreciated, I looked around, most of the documents I found, are generic, I want some exact Tech. doc.
Is there a tool in salesforce.com that can be used for daily backups? Also is there a way to schedule this run at a specific time every day. We have to take daily backups everyday for some basic objects like Accounts, Opportunties, etc from salesforce.com.
We are already using salesforce.com tool for weekly backups that sent out an email of the zip file.
Your response is very much appreciated.
Thanks and regards,
  • April 02, 2007
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Hi All,
         I am new to salesforce and have been trying to figure out theintegration aspects of Salesforce.           I have a need of integrating my Salesforce instance to a backend ERP system,As if now this integration is not real time and i need to batch upload the data from the ERP system into Salesforce.
My ERP maintains a unique id for each record it creates and this is record is also with the Salesforce but with a different unique Id generated using the Auto number feature, Now how can i actually pull up the some extra information from ERP with respect to this particular similar record.
Thanks in Advance.
Has anyone moved SalesForce.com fields into and your own server? I have two apps one MSSQL, one Oracle and I would like to move SF.com fields (created under Cases) into these DB. I want to know firstly whether it is possible and secondly whether it is easy. Finally I suppose I want to know how you do this, plugins, done completely under Apex or you need some other means to do this. Thanks!

we need to synchronize data between our MS Axapta based ERP and our newly created CRM on Salesforce.com.

I could'n find any existing (AppExchange) apps that could work as an interface nor any Information on how to synchronize them via custom web services (On Google I could't even find information on any Axapta API)

Do have any experience or idea on how we could tackle this problem?

Thanks in advance. Best regards,

  • March 26, 2007
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We may or may not stay with Salesforce after license expires. I want make sure we can do a simple export of all our data and notes--is there a tool someone can suggest


I'm a complete newbie to Salesforce.com and I have to load large amounts of data to the Salesforce.com database. If it's possible I'd like to avoid developing my own solution using the Apex API.
While searching the net for a possible solution, I stumbled on three tools.
The first tool I found in the Salesforce blog is named "Excel Connector"; unfortunately Excel is not (and should not be) involved in the upload process.
Next, I found "SForce Data Loader" on sourceforge.net and "arlanis Salesforce.com Data Exchange" on arlanis.org. Now, I'm not sure which one of these two tools best fits my needs. Any experiences or suggestions?

Thanks in advance