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We are looking for a helping hand getting started in building out an integration between salesforce.com and our applications over web services.  We have a team of good developers, however none of them have integrated to salesforce in the past and we need help shrinking the learning curve.
If you are local to the Toronto area, have relevant development experience and are interested in a short term consulting contract, please contact me.
 I am looking for some quick help is some basic hand holding and minor customization of the basic sfdc screens.

I have a small insurance agency that I need to track new agents, their training miles stones, and their weekly insurance applications.

I do not want these agents to be users or sales reps with their own log in to sfdc.

As I hire them, I need to be able to quickly see their current licensing and training progress, then one they are selling, to be able to track a few details from each application they submit.

My agents are set up in a multi tiered system based on the commission level, so the ability to see their downline agents is crucial.

Please contact me for more details.

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Consultant partner needed to work on rollout of Salesforce.com at a national magazine group. Primary offices in Manhattan NYC.

Challenges include consolidating two separate instances of SalesForce.com, working with in-house administrators to port accounts and contacts from existing systems, and conduct user training.

Short-term: Likely window for work is Sept-Nov 2007.

Focus: Primarily accounts, contacts, opportunities and pipeline reporting. Minor work on leads and marketing. No work on support or case management.

Internal emphasis is a setup that is simple, easy-to-use, and minimizes tedious data entry for our reps. Reply if your group would like to be considered.


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eXpresso Corp. is seeking a contract SalesForce.com developer and consultant to help the company fully take advantage of the AppExchange platform.  We are based in Menlo Park, CA and looking for a highly talented developer to assist with our initiative to integrate our groundbreaking collaborative environment for Excel Spreadsheet users with Salesforce.com.



  • The ideal candidate will have an excellent understanding of the design and construction of rich interactive Web applications and a demonstrable history of successful projects.
  • This role requires strong familiarity with the Salesforce APIs and experience creating one of more applications that are featured on the Salesforce Appexchange or built internal applications that use the Salesforce APIs
  • Knowledge of iFrames.
  • Has a good sense of design and usability and is able to create easy-to-use user interfaces
  • Must be an energetic "self-starter" with the ability to work independently and within a team with strong verbal, written and interpersonal skills

Please send Resume with past AppExchange project descriptions to careers@expressocorp.com.

Would like some help with pricing a project.
What is the average price for an  implementation that would include:
  • web to lead (include registration for campaings)
  • customize all object (clean up, add fields, views,)
  • custom reports and dashboard
  • growth  tracking
  • 2 record types for contacts
  • 2 record types and  sales process's for opp's
  • 2 record types for campaigns and possibly activities
  • some field validations and formulas
  • 1 or 2 workflow's
any input is appreciated - ie even if you can give me an idea for each bullet point.
As well, if you could give a regular rate and  a non-profit rate


Custom Object: Bulk Email For Followup Survey

We use the FeedbackServer tool for surveys, and would like to
1. Build two list boxes (Available, and Selected), populated with all the attendees (custom object) for that event (custom object).  All attendees to into the Selected box, by default
2. Select a specific email template from the Salesforce folders (template name can be hard coded)
3. Copy the content of the template (template has a link to survey, with some mail merge fields specific to the user, and the attendee (i.e. id and email))
User will be able to remove attendees from the selected box, and edit the template content that was copied.
When user hits "Send Invite", the edited content will be emailed to each attendee and logged.
- Bulk Email Task module has an example of the attendee selection code.
Please send me a message with an estimate (hours, dollars) for consideration if you would like to code this s-control.
I have been trying to figure out how to create this on my own, but I think I would be better finding a true developer. I believe this is a very quick project and I think it will be very straightforward.
In short:
1. I want to be able to only show a partner the opportunities for their products in the Salesforce.com PRM app.
2. In order to be able to limit the opportunities, you need to create List Views in Opportunities and then only expose those List Views to that partner.
3. Opportunity List Views can not be filtered based on Opportunity Products related to the Opportunity.
4. To get around this, I created a custom field on Opportunity that will contain a comma-delimited list of products that are in the Opportunity Product line items related to the Opportunity.
5. I would like to replace the 'Save' button on adding products to opportunities so that it will add the newly added product name to the list field described above.
6. If 5 is too complicated, I would like a Custom S-control link that the user would click to replace the list field on Opportunity with a new list of all the then current Opportunity Product line items.
Does this make sense and seem like something you could create in the next 48 hours?
What would you charge?

The company is a £260million online media / publishing arm of the renowned FTSE100 Company (40,000 people globally and turnover approaching £5.5billion). Due to continuing online growth we are looking to broaden our Sales Operations Team with an experienced Salesforce Systems Administrator to be based from our superb Sutton head office.

You will be responsible for ensuring that sales systems are optimally configured and users are well supported, working with the team to ensure the department goals are met, assisting with managing system support including configuration requests and with managing system enhancements and upgrades including testing, and providing expertise to support other department/project activities.

Applicants will need to have strong technical skills, excellent communicator, and general business awareness.

In return we offer competitive starting salaries with benefits including 28 days holiday, pension, but more importantly the opportunity to develop and progress quickly in a lively, dynamic and supportive FTSE100 environment.

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We're just ramping up with SalesForce and need to find someone who could help us program some custom links between Hughes Networks (www.hughes.com) for order processing of satellite orders.  We initially had a programmer build a link between Hughes and our company (using ACT! and Tomcat/MySQL and some other custom programming) and need to find a way to modify this.  While the original programmer is no longer working for us, he is available on a limited basis for questions and some input, but won't have much time.
If you are interested, please drop me an email with your questions and your programming exoeruebce. If you can give me a ballpark hourly rate, that would be helpful for me to pass on to our management.
Thanks so much-
We are a small consultancy that specialises with working with UK-based Investment Managers.

Among other Sales and Marketing initiatives, we are seeing strong demand for CRM-related change and have supported several Salesforce.com implementations.  We are looking to build relationships with UK-based salesforce.com consultants who are prepared to work as an associate on upcoming projects.  These are for client implementations and potential AppExchange solutions across the UK, particularly in London and Edinburgh.

If you are interested to discuss this further, please drop me an email on sfdc@tomtomconsultants.co.uk