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I just posted an update to Maildrop, it has a couple of bug fixes along with some new features.
  • Can now create leads in addition to contacts from the add email page, the add lead/contact buttons are now much more obvious.
  • The Add Email dialog is reset between emails, it no longer defaults to the last email's selections.
  • Malformed search error with email addresses containing dashes is fixed.
  • New menu item to reinstall the scripts (under help), and error reporting when the script install fails.
  • New application icon and updated help.
If you have an earlier version of Maildrop, it'll auto update the next time you start, or pick check for updates from the help menu.

This I think was pretty much everything that people commented one, other than a couple of Mail specific issues, which i'll be looking into next.

I also got around to putting together a single page that details all the Saleforce.com/OSX tools I've built, see http://www.pocketsoap.com/osx/

>I am getting my small firm up to speed on Salesforce, but am hoping
>for a quick tutorial on pocketsoap to allow me to fully integrate my
>Entourage with my salesforce activites. I have downloaded maildrop,
>and it seems to work fine (although I occasionally get a 'malformed
>search' message - perhaps because the contact is not in salesforce?).
>I am running Mac OS 10.4.9, and entourage 2004 11.3.3.
>Specific questions:
>What is the differences between outlook addition and what I will get
>with pocketsoap?
>I read that the information was all 2 way. How much info will move
>from Salesforce into my Entourage program? Is this all contacts,
>calendar and emails? My entourage already is very large (over 3GB) and
>occasionally freezes up.
>Is there a way to mark records private vs business?
>Will installing pocketsoap effect my ability to sync my Entourage with
>my Palm Treo?
>I am excited to fully integrate my activities with Salesforce, but I
>am concerned about what might happen to my Entourage when i first do
>the download and the sync. I will do a backup first, but any
>reassurances or tips would be appreciated.
>Thanks for your help.

  • April 01, 2007
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