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Is it possible to create a field that auto-populates from another customized field? Eg...Under 'Accounts', I created a customized field with a picklist. I'd like to take the info from that field and have it auto-populate under Contacts or Cases.
Hello.  I'm fairly new to Salesforce and am struggling with a few things. 
I am trying to automatically populate a field from the Account record on the Opportunity.  Ideally it would be great if this field is updated on the Opportunity should it be changed on the Account, but that is not necessary.  I created a lookup field, but this just gives the search option, it does not auto-populate the details.  My guess is that I need to create an S-Control to accomplish my goal, but I could be wrong.  I've been searching success.salesforce and have reviewed several of the sites & tools on S-Controls, but being a novice to programming, it's not very intuitive (to me).  Is there an easier way to accomplish this?  If not, does anyone else have a similar field reference configuration?
Any help would be appreciated.
 - Mark
Hello there,
I need to create a custom table with multiple fields for different prices. I then need to lookup a certain value, and use it in another object. How can I do this? I am a begginer sa the question can be stupid... Anyways, I really need some help with that.

My organization has a small problem and we are looking for a solution to fix this issue. On the lead side we collect information in a particular field, and we would like to map this information to both the contact and the opportunity record upon converting.

As far as we are aware, SFDC does not allow duplicate mapping to occur. If I am wrong in this, please let me know and explain how I can make it happen. Our thought is then to create a 2nd custom field with a field formula that looks something like (field2 = field1) so that when we convert we can just map it to 2 locations.

Can anyone shed some light on this, and provide some assistance on how to solve this problem.