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Hello everyone,
B&L applications is a certified consulting partner of Salesforce.com from Israel.
I would like to introduce our activity to everyone in this forum. B&L's team includes 17 developers, implementers, administrators and project managers who work only with SFDC. What we do best is help our customers take their application one step further towards innovation.
Our offices are located in Israel and Uruguay, we have completed over 120 projects in the last two years and our core activity is providing remote development and customization services to SFDC customers worldwide.
We specialize in Scontrols, triggers, APEX, Force.com, Visualforce and integration. Our main added value is the combination between that expertise and knowledge, our communication skills (totally fluent in English and Spanish) and our rates.
Please consider us for any development work you may have in place - I will be happy to speak with anyone here who is thinking about taking his application to the next level.
Best regards,
Omer Cygler.
VP Business Development
B&L applications.

We are looking for someone in the Boston area. We have an international client who is considering getting Salesforce.com.


We need someone to do the pre-sell presentation in Boston in mid June and later on support the company and the implementation from the U.S

(not necessarily from Boston). We are consulting partners from Israel and we will be doing part of the implementation and will use another professional's services in the U.S.


Please reply only by mail to omer@blat-lapidot.co.il  




Blat-Lapidot are consulting partners of Salesforce.com. We have projects around the world, some of them are managed offshore and some require local assistance. We have a large project that requires a project manager ( does not have to be local but does need to speak french) . Availability required is about  2-3 days a week. The project's start is due on mid February until mid April.
If interested please contact me at omer@blat-lapidot.co.il
Blat-Lapidot are consulting partners of Salesforce.com located in Israel and Romania.
We are looking for US based consultants to be our on-site consultants, manage projects, and be our local representative for all offshore projects and on-premises activity in the US.
If you're interested please contact me at omer@blat-lapidot.co.il
You can check us at www.blat-lapidot.com
Omer Cygler
VP business development.
Blat-Lapidot consulting is a consulting partner of Salesforce.com located in Israel and Romania. Our company is dedicated to two major disciplines: 1) Change management
                                                                             2) Salesforce.com
Our Salesforce.com staff, which includes certified consultants, project managers and implementers, has a very unique and proven methodology for CRM projects. Thus far, we have done dozens of projects for various customers throughou the world.
Our main core of business is offshore services - We will provide you with the best care possible without being on premises.
Working with Blat-Lapidot benefits SFDC customers in several ways:
1) You get full professional help from experienced and established partners
2) Our change management knowledge and Salesforce.com skills combined yield a success rate of over 90% in large CRM projects
3) Our staff knows his way with Salesforce.com and is capable of assisting users from the technological side of from the proces understanding aspect
4) Since our job is done remotely we can offer you very atractive rates
Today we have customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Israel and more countries. In addition to our offshore team we also have on-site resources in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and in the NYC area.
Please check us out at www.blat-lapidot.com or E-mail me at omer@blat-lapidot.co.il and I will be happy to schedule a call to see how we can help you enhance your Salesforce
Omer Cygler
Blat-Lapidot consulting
Blat-Lapidot is a veteran consulting firm, and we are refferal partenrs of Salesforce.com in Israel and Europe.
Our specialty is implementation and assimilation of SFDC as well as brigning our vast knowledge of organizational consulting and process understanding.
We offer both offshore and onshore Salesforce services. in addition we are looking for potenial business partners whom we can help with our worldwide connections and use their connections as well.
Feel free to contact me,
Omer Cygler
VP business development,



I am transitioning from group to professional edition. I am seeking a temporary admin to assist in re-engineering our process and team training.  Looking for a total overhaul. Open to ideas and suggestion for "best practices." 


Please reply with experience and rates. Project to start asap.  

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I'm looking for help developing our enterprise salesforce edition. The project will include a combination of development and technical support. The idea is to import data from forms on our web site to salesforce cases for processing, invoicing, and tracking.

Reply with experience and contact information to discuss details, references and pay.

NYC based financial services firm is looking for a very experience Force.com developer that can assist in answering some initial questions and working with us to build a statement of work for a new Force.com project.  Direct, relevant experience with financial services firms is preferred. 
  • February 03, 2009
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I need a developer for a small project.  My need is an Apex Trigger and Class for a lookup field update on a custom object.


I will send you the specs for the job.  Please have references ready.

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I'm looking for an independent programmer to help with a small customisation job. My estimate is for 2-3 days work. The aim is to create an order entry page on the Salesforce contact page. The purpose of this page is to make the data entry easier for the users.


What we have at the moment are two custom objects:  Sales Order object (master) and an Order Item object (detail).


By clicking on a "New Order" Button the user creates an order header. After filling out the required data, most of which comes pre-filled out from the Contact page the user saves and then clicks on an "Add Item" button and adds items to the order. On each item record the user looks up the product page and returns data from the product page.


Certain business rules make the users do more data entry that could be automated. For example, each Order Item record can only have the same Order Type as the Sales Order, so if a user needs to put in different Order Types they have to create multiple Sales Orders and attach items. Likewise, different purchase order numbers must be on different Sales Orders.


My client finds this too labour intensive. I'd like someone who knows Apex and Visualforce and is a capable communicator to design and code a page that allows Sales Orders and Items to be added on the one page. 


I can send a spec to interested parties. This needs to be done preferably in the next two weeks and I'd need a firm quote after you read the spec. I'm based in Australia which is GMT +11 so please take this into consideration as I'm sure neither you nor I want 3am phone meetings.


Reply to this post and I'll contact you if I'm interested.

  • January 28, 2009
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Request for Proposal

i-KOS are a web development agency in the UK (www.i-kos.com) with a request for a proposal relating to integrating with a CRM (salesforce.com being cited as the possible solution).

What we need - right now
In truth we are really interested in getting a basic idea as to the viability of the request - some indication of cost would be great.

Abit about the client
  • The client is an association with approximately 200 members.
  • There are different categories of members (full, associate, partial).
  • Members are companies.
  • Each member can have several individuals.
  • Individual can participate in workgroups (more than one is possible).
  • Individuals can also subscribe to news and articles (delivered via e-mail)
  • Non-members can subscribe (via the website) to paid for features on the website.

Some more info (I am sure salesforce will do most of this in its sleep. I am equally sure the talent lies in the planing and integration).
  •  The CRM itself should allow the association staff to have an overview of each member / external organisation including:
  • list of people working in a company (member)
  • List of ‘work groups’, ‘news’ or articles’ that the individual is subscribed to
  • Administrators should be able to ‘tick’ or ‘untick’ *or tag) these people.
  •  The CRM needs to integrate (work with) with the website and possible a share-point server to allow members to manage their data (subscribe/unsubscribe) to workgroups and news items. The website will also be developed with forms and e-commerce to allow non-members to pay for content.
  • if people update their online profile an alert is sent to the CRM, which needs to be approved by admin staff.
  •  The CRM needs to integrate with an e-mail broadcast tool to send various news items and articles based on the ‘subscriptions’.
There are additional future scope (invoice) but we are trying to contain their excitement for now!

We are used to building and spec'ing websites but this is outside our usual remit. We are looking for a seasoned salesforce.com developer/freelancer to provide guidance and a proposal. The website is to be developed over the next 3 months and the CRM needs to be considered diring this time with CRM integration from January 2009.

Best regards

Myles Davidson

Hi. I'm looking for someone that can develop a Custom S-Control for me. The functionality that I'm looking for is as follows: I want a custom button developed, which when invoked, can update the status of a field on multiple records displayed in a List View. Basically, I'm looking for the same functionality that exists on the Case Object View, where a user can select multiple cases at the same time and then select a button to update the status of all the cases selected.
Look forward to hearing from someone.

I am our Sf.com admin and I need a couple of APEX classes built to process xml / text attachments using the email services for Salesforce as well as create some APEX code to bulk update and merge records across objects!

Fun little project for those with some spare time and wanting to earn some more $$ or ££

We're based in the UK, but am happy to work with people not in UK.

Work needs to be completed within the next few weeks so please send me a message with availability, expertiese, demo of work, and rates.


We need a developer to write the code for an Apex Trigger.

Here is the background. In our SalesForce database, we track lawsuits (opportunities) and the law firms (accounts) and attorneys (contacts) handling those cases.

Our goal with the trigger is to identify Fortune 1000 companies which are parties to the lawsuits. Those names will appear in the Opportunity Name field and/or a custom opportunity field we created called Represented Party. We have concatenated the Opportunity Name and Represented Party fields into a new custom field called NRCU. In NRCU, all of the text is normalized to all caps.

We have also created a custom tab called Parties with 1000 custom objects - each is the name of one Fortune 1000 company. We have also created a custom lookup field (Parties Lookup) in the opportunity tab which associates the opportunity with the custom object. SO, we are trying to build a trigger which looks at NRCU, compares it to each of the 1000 custom objects and if the trigger finds the custom object name anywhere in the opportunity name, then it returns the custom object name in the Parties Lookup field.

In our circumstance, the party name custom object (ie. "SHELL OIL") would almost certainly be a subset of the text in NRCU (ie. "SHELL OIL V. ABC or PLAINTIFF SHELL OIL").

This is a fixed price contract paying $350.
  • May 07, 2008
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I am looking for a developer to create a SF application for me.  The very short brief is this:-
  • The application will need to be available via AppExchange with its own set of tabs (2 or 3)
  • We have a website with a set of web services exposed, the application needs to pull data via the webservices and tie it up with client data
  • It will also need to use the web services to push data back to our server
  • Once in Salesforce the user will need to enter their logon details for our server which are used as params for the web service calls. (like the way Google Adwords app works?) ideally this logon info will be remembered

I can give more information directly.

The way I see it working is I will create a developer account and share the username and password, the app is developed via this account so I can take ownership. I need a certain about of functionality implemented, possibly not a 100% finished app.

All code written in English, commented and easily maintainable.

All source to be handed over to me.

Ideally the coder would be UK based, but I'm not adverse to someone from abroad.

I would think this is a maximum of 5 days work.


  • April 30, 2008
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I'm looking for a developer to perform ad-hoc work on our Salesforce installation. It would involve making configuration changes, changing field data models, implementing validation, writing Apex customisations (we have force licensed), editing JavaScript Salesforce API code, creating reports and dashboards, etc.
Probably only 5-10hrs a month, but would suit a contractor with many small clients. I'm in the UK so would prefer someone here for the timezone convenience, but not essential.
Please contact me if you're interested.
We are looking to employ a freelance on-site SFDC trainer for a 3-month period. We are based in Kensington Village business park, West Kensington, London. We operate a network of job boards including planetrecruit.com, workthing.com and totallyfinancial.com and are rolling out a customised SFDC service as part of a new ERP solution. A sales floor of over 50+ executives will need training in general SFDC functionality as well as pipeline and quotation management. Training requirements to be discussed but one-on-one and 'walking-the-floor' will be integral elements of the training programme. There would be an opportunity to learn the BigMachines Product Configurator - a SFDC plug-in. Free on-site gym.
Omni Med is a non-profit organization in Waban, MA.  Omni Med has programs in Belize, Guyana, and Kenya that bring health providers with some or no prior international experience to short-term, effective teaching trips, rendering maximal impact for both volunteers and learners.  For the past ten years, we have compiled data on service opportunities with over 300 organizations for interested health providers. 

We're looking for a developer with experience in salesforce.com, web development, and data integration to help us make this data available
to the public.  Please contact us if you are interested.
We are looking for someone who can teach me how to setup Print Anything and Quote Line Items. We are in San Diego but not necessary to be local. Please return with your price.  I can hundle some html.
  • February 09, 2008
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Thank you for your responses.  I have found someone to work on my request.

We are looking for S-control development in the following areas:
  • Approval process development and automation
  • Account record type updates
We will also have future development needs to help automate our business processes.  Please email me or reply to this post.


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  • February 06, 2008
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We have Account Custom Roll-Up Summary Fields that we want to map to similar fields under the Opportunity for the Account. The Opportunity fields need to update automatically when and if the mapped Account fields are updated.
Any suggestions? We are also open to hiring a developer to accompish this for us.

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Blat-Lapidot are consulting partners of Salesforce.com. We have projects around the world, some of them are managed offshore and some require local assistance. We have a large project that requires a project manager ( does not have to be local but does need to speak french) . Availability required is about  2-3 days a week. The project's start is due on mid February until mid April.
If interested please contact me at omer@blat-lapidot.co.il
I need a salesforce consultant to help me build out product/payment features as well as assist in building reporting features payments.

I'm also looking for help in integretting a shopping cart system into my salesforce account.

My company will be implementing Salesforce.com soon, and we are looking to acquire a consultant for its implementation. We currently work with the Creative Manager product, and would be looking to synchronize it through the API and perform other functions as well.

We are in the process of looking into a top partner with Salesforce, but we would like to know if there are any independant consultants available in the area, or who are willing to travel that can still mantain value over going with a larger firm.

Please let me know if you fit the bill or can make a recommendation.

Thank you!