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I want to create a formula field that derives the forecast for the previous 365 days from a quarterly forecast.  I currently do this in SQL Server by pro-rating the current quarter and last years quarter to determine the amount of these quarters to include.  To do this I need to determine number of days consumed/remaining in the quarter.  How can I ask the "What is the day of the quarter?" in SFDC.


My SQL Server code is:

,(       @DayOfQtr /92.0 * case @qq when 1 then F.CYQ1 when 2 then F.CYQ2 when 3 then F.CYQ3 when 4 then F.CYQ4 END)
+                                   case @qq when 1 then F.PYQ4 when 2 then F.CYQ1 when 3 then F.CYQ2 when 4 then F.CYQ3 END
+                                   case @qq when 1 then F.PYQ3 when 2 then F.PYQ4 when 3 then F.CYQ1 when 4 then F.CYQ2 END
+                                   case @qq when 1 then F.PYQ2 when 2 then F.PYQ3 when 3 then F.PYQ4 when 4 then F.CYQ1 END
+((92-@DayofQtr)/92.0 * case @qq when 1 then F.PYQ1 when 2 then F.PYQ2 when 3 then F.PYQ3 when 4 then F.PYQ4 END)
   as P365_Fcst__c 



  • September 14, 2009
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Before 28-Feb 2008 21:00EST line feeds in Custom Button URLs were treated as documentation only.
After that time they are being processed as valid codes.  This has invalidated all code associated with custom buttons.
Our original code:










Line feeds for each fields were included to make it easier to read.  Now the line feeds are interpreted as "\n" and the code no longer works.  Removing the line feeds does return the button to its intended functionality.
When will this problem be corrected?  We do not want to change all of our existing code.
  • February 28, 2008
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I want to extract the valid Picklist values for table Account field Industry for comparison to the values currently used. How can I extract these values? Are they stored in a table that I can download?
  • September 25, 2007
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We are using AD FS 2.0 and SAML 2 to implement SSO into Salesforce.com

We have IdP-initiated SSO working but having trouble with the SP-Initiated SSO.
When I follow a deep link in Salesforce (while not logged in), it does redirect back to our ADFS for authentication, but then it just sits there and does not redirect back to Salesforce. I'm not getting a lot of useful information in the ADFS logs and tracing so I'm not sure where to go from here.

We end up at this page - which in our case is blank (possibly part of the problem)

We do not have the "My Domain" setup, so I'm not sure if that's what's missing. Seems to me the problem is in ADFS since Salesforce is sending a request back to ADFS, but then ADFS is not redirecting back to Salesforce.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


We need to add some fields to the "Account Hierarchy" screen that lists the parent-relationships for accounts. I can't locate where to do this. Any ideas?
  • August 22, 2008
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I am apex:inputField visual force component on a Visual force page by using the StandardController and want to set the Tab Order (that should be vertically) for all the fields. I am not finding any attributes for the apex:inputField to set the Tab Order.

I tried to use the "tabindex" but did not work. The "tabindex" works for the apex:inputText but not for the apex:inputField.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance..........

  • August 19, 2008
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Hi Everyone,

I added a custom formula field to the cases object.  I want to show the account owner on the cases screen, but can't seem to get it right.

Here is what I am currently using for the formula:


But, of course, this shows the ID, rather than the actual user name.  What can I do???

I'm banging my head against the wall.  This can't be so hard!


I have downloaded a Blackberry Mobile simulator (version: 8130-Verizon) from the Blackberry site and installed it in my machine. I have configured Blackberry MDS simulator to work behind a proxy. It is working fine. I have installed the Salesforce Mobile Application.
But after that whenever I am trying to configure the Salesforce Mobile application, I am getting struck in the screen showing: "Device info has been sent to salesforce.com and is awating registration".
 It is not proceeding any further. Any help?


I have two profiles for our sales users - a "Senior Account Executive" that needs (and has) r/w access to all opportunities.  The users assigned to the other profile, "Account Executive"  need to be able to see all accounts, but should not create opportunities on accounts they do not own.  The only way I can think to prevent this is to put in a validation rule to check account ownership and error on any attempts to create the opp.  Every attempt I have made at this gives me a syntax error.  I know this should be a very basic rule - but I can't seem to get it to work.

Any suggestions?
I'm working through the "Creating On-Demand Applications:..." document. On page 174, there's an example of an Email Template. I want to do an email on Job Application, when an offer is extended. I'm trying to say to whom the offer has been made:


does not work, but I see the value when I use SalesForce Explorer. I do get an email when I change the status of the Job Application, but there's no entry for the above. Even when I change it to {!Job_Application__c.Candidate__c.FirstName__c} expecting to get an error, it's blank. I

'm sure it's an obvious mistake, just too close to Thanksgiving.


I've sworn i've seen this field captured in the User table before, however i can't seem to find it anymore.

Can anybody tell me where this field is held thanks?

1. If I write a simple Java script outside of Salesforce (no AJAX, etc.) that writes some text in an alert, prompt or confirm with double spaces between words or leading spaces before a line it prints out exactly as provided, e.g. alert("     Fred") produces "     Fred".  If I do the same inside S-Control the double spaces become single and the leading spaces disappear, i.e. I get "Fred".  There's a HTML tag <PRE> </PRE> that sets whether spacing is preserved of not.  But how do I effect the same thing within AJAX / alerts, etc?
2: In a contract if I put leading spaces into a text field, e.g. Special Terms, with multiple lines, e.g.
"04/10/06 MO'L: No Charge Service Upgrade - September 2006
    Data Plan name changed from HiBIS Premium 3 to BC Premium I
    Cap Allowance changed from 3 GB to 5,000 MB"
Then the record is displayed by Salesforce without the leading spaces (rows 2 and three) and looks as follows:
"04/10/06 MO'L: No Charge Service Upgrade - September 2006
Data Plan name changed from HiBIS Premium 3 to BC Premium I
Cap Allowance changed from 3 GB to 5,000 MB"
If I edit it, then the leading spaces show to still be in place.  Seems to me Salesforce should preserve the way the data is displayed.
3:If I have some AJAX that has the line Special_Terms = "{Contract_SpecialTerms}" and the SpecialTerms field looks like the above (I'm guessing the carriage returns cause the grief) then the script will fail with an unterminated literal error.  To get around this I have to Select the data into a field using SQL.  I presume this is a shortcoming of the "{variable}".  Is this reasonable or a bug? 
  • October 08, 2006
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