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Hello All,


I would like to build a Visual Force Calendar that would show me all My Projects (currently created as a Case in SFDC). However, I have never done one so what I would like is someone to do this project with me via web-ex so I can essentially learn how to build this Visual Force page. If anyone is interested please respond with rates?



Hi All,

I have the following validation rule which locks down closed opportunities for everyone except my power users:

,ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(StageName),"Closed Lost")
,ISPICKVAL(PRIORVALUE(StageName),"Closed Quote")
,and($Profile.Name <> "System Administrator" ,$Profile.Name <> "Power User*" )


It's working great, but I'd like to add an exception that says "If user is Sally Smith, then she can ONLY update the close date on Closed Won opportunities."

It's important that the exception is only for changing one particular field and is only extended to one particular user. Anybody know how to accomplish this? My only idea so far is to add on to the existing validation rule Sally's name, and then create another validation rule that says (in pseudo-code) (and(opportunity is closed, user is sally, not ischanged(field1), not ischanged(field2), etc.) and go on listing every single field on the opportunity except for the CloseDate. This is obviously a nightmare, because anytime we add or remove a field this huge formula would have to be updated.

I know there are some geniuses lurking out there - help me out! What am I missing?