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Hi all,
I create a S-control to override my custom object tab home pages, after that I set override action in standard buttons and links of Custom object on Tab with my S-control.
When I click on custom object tab home page, my S-control shown content of my custom object, but my custom object tab inactive.
Ex: When I click on my Dogs Tab name, but my Cats Tab name active.
Anyone who know this problem, please help me.
Many thanks.
  • November 30, 2007
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Hello all, I am new for both salesforce and Java. I met a problem when try to invoke the Bulk API as the sample code on "Bulk API Developer's Guide",  the error said,

"Exception in thread "main" [AsyncApiException  exceptionCode='FeatureNotEnabled' exceptionMessage='Async API not enabled' " , 


I found the problem comes from this line  -->   PartnerConnection c = new PartnerConnection(partnerConfig); 


could anyone know how to resolve it? It seems like I need enable the Bulk API, how do I do that? 


Thanks in advance. 



  • September 24, 2009
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Can anyone suggest a solution to overcome the error of "Too many script statements: 200001" in apex class.


I wanted to display the sum of resource amount in opportunity products for an Opportunity sorted by Account wise.


below is the sample code:


query resource amount from opportunity products sort by account name


put the opportunity inside SET to avoid duplicates (uniqoppid)


put the account id inside SET to avoid duplicates ( uniqaccid)


for(each unique account)


for(each unique opportunity)


for( sum resource amount from all opportunity products)


if(uniqoppid == opportunity in opportunity products && uniqaccid == opportunity product->opportunity->account id)


//code to display the resource amount






the above code in red line is the problem. It shows too many script statements: 200001



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