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I've seen two different statements around @future annotation governor limits.  In one case it says:

"No more than 200 method calls per Salesforce license per 24 hours" Here.

In another case it says:

"Salesforce also imposes an organization-wide limit of 200 method calls with the future annotation per 24 hours."  Here.

Which one is correct?

There's another post here that also raises the question but lacks a definite answer from SFDC.  If we could get one that would be awesome.




Just working on an S-Control that adds partner records to the opportunity.  When the running user is the System Administrator, everything works great.  When the running user is a standard user, it fails with an Invalid Type error.  It does this in JavaScript and in Java.  It turns out that checking the administrative privilege "View All Data" corrects this.

My original expectation was that there would be a fairly specific right I could enable other than View All Data that would let me handle this.  Is there?  Am I missing something?  This happens on a vanilla, out of the box Dev Org.  Any input would be great.

I've also execute  a describe global on the org when logged in as a user with a profile that fails and the Partner object is indeed invisible.  OpportunityPartner is visible and PartnerRole is visible.



I've been working with the Describe Layout utility but am not getting where I would capture a field's read-only property.  My first thought was that "editable" on DescribeLayoutItem would simply be set to false.  No dice. Any advice? 

Hi Experts,

Do anyone know how to define methods that are defined as asynchronous,
that is, defined with the @future keyword? Simple sample will be highly appreciated.

Hi guys and gals,
Need some assistance on updating records & workflow.
Situation - Built a lot of workflow and rules that will display a colour traffic light on an account based on the value of a date field (if the date is approaching), a number field and last activity date. This all works well when the record is edited on a daily or weekly basis, but the problem lies around 'What happens if the record isnt edited for 3 or 4 months, or at all?'.
The ideal situation would be for each account record to get updated automatically once a week to trigger all the workflow which will display the correct traffic light colour.
Thanking you all in advance
Hi !
I try to connect two tables, which are based on Salesforces.com .
Now I need relationships between some fields. Normally a simply Lookup would be enough and I know a Lookup(where you choose a data set from a popuplist) is possible in Salesforce, but I want an automatic Lookup, for example if UserX == profile_HighManager then 80%...elseif UserX == profile_NormalManager == 60% ........ or if UserX choice productA  then discount 20%
It is only a simple example I have to connect a big pricelist with a decide matrix......is there a way to develop such a thing without programming or will be Apex necessary ?
Thank you very much! 
I've visited this a couple times in the past but never quite got it figured out. Does anyone have a good example of updating an Opportunity field based upon a Task trigger? I need to change the value of a Opportunity pick list based on the Status of a related Task.

My JavaScript skills are below par.  I have spent a full day trying to acheive something and cannot do it to save my life.
I am trying to do a manage duplicate contacts Scontrol which which allows users to lookup duplicate contacts and select them.  I can successfully link to the lookup popup screen passing in the id's and select the duplicate contact no problem (this is done by clicking the icon to call the popup, search the duplicate and select the appropriate one), Clicking save then updates the contacts duplicate contact field (all success). 

The problem I have got now is trying to replicate the functionality of the standard contact edit screen.

For example:
On the standard Contact edit screen: When you type in a non existant name (ie, asdffda) and click save, it errors saying no matches found.  When you type in something like 'group' (where many exist) and click save, it errors and changes the input type text box to a select box with the possible options to choose from.  How the look up on save works is totally beyond me.
On my manage duplicate contacts custom screen, it all works apart from checking the lookups when you click save.  When I click save, I basically want it to look up the name and return the same errors as the standard edit functionality does. Could anyone point me in right direction?  As my JavaScript/SalesForce programming skills are not very good, code examples would be fantastic!!!
Thank you for all your help.

Message Edited by Sean Dagger on 09-20-2007 07:05 AM

I've been working with the Describe Layout utility but am not getting where I would capture a field's read-only property.  My first thought was that "editable" on DescribeLayoutItem would simply be set to false.  No dice. Any advice?