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I am currently using a home brewed S-control.  This S-control is a flex chart that I have created.  I used the tutorial on here to learn how to call the attached .swf file in the s-control. 

However, when calling it in visualforce, it does not work. 
Can anyone give me an example of how they would do this?

Thank you.
Hello all,

I was wondering what the best practice is for doing the following:

    I have a custom object with populated fields call it "Applicant". When "something" happens I want to populate the matching fields in another custom object "Participant" with the fields from the Applicant object.  These custom objects overlap greatly in the information they store, but have distinct business reasons for existing, and different field names.

What would be the best way in apex to move the values from one object to another?

Currently I am querying "Applicant" then creating a new Participant Object and individually assigning the fields.
Exp (obviously not syntactically correct):     App a = query result.
             Participant p= [ name = a.name, address = a.address ...etc]
I would like the ability to return an object to my calling Javascript code. Is there a way to do this? What would best practices be? How would the javascript interpret the object (what would I cast it to)?

The use case behind this:
      I have a button that will call the apex webService that I've created. This will modify the org in some way, and return some values (that are not stored in the DB). Based on these values, I'd like my javascript to act in different ways.

Thanks guys.
Today, we make custom fields available to customers for Reports through creating custom report types. Each time a customer is implementing our solution, we have to build the reports they want (which is really a standard set) in sandbox and then again in production. All done manually. The fields they need are a combo of standard SFDC fields and our fields (available through a custom object.) Feels like we are missing something here in the packaging. Any ideas about how we can automate this report build process? Thanks for the help.
  • October 25, 2010
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 I am having a Picklist with 3 options: None, Commercial and Rolloff.


If None is selected then the below two sections in VF page should be hidden.

If commercial/Roll Off is selected then the below 2 sections should be shown to the user to enter the data.


Anyone please help me doing this.


Appreciate your help.




  • September 04, 2010
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It would be great if we could could select our office or a hotel as the starting point for directions.

  • August 12, 2010
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Can anyone tel me if there is a way to enable a section depending on a checkbox value without using visualforce?






I read in some of the sfdc study guides with eamples to recruiting application,  if a position is closed the reviewer should not be able to add or delete a review and this could be done using roll up summary fields.Could anybody please explain how can that be accomplished.


Thanks much.

  • October 15, 2009
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I installed this App successfully in my dev org, but when I repeat the process in my client's Production Org, clicking the 'Find Nearby Accounts' link opens the VF window, but then I get an empty dialog box, and no results.


The batch Geocode Accounts function works fine. 


I have de-installed, repeated the setup process, but same results.



Message Edited by pinkelk3 on 08-11-2009 11:17 AM
The Map Nearby Accounts function has great promise for our organization but we would find the application to be more useful if the address mapped was the shipping address and not the billing address. Has anyone attempted to modify the necessary code and components to use this feature with the shipping address? If so, please advise.

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Very novice technology user just about to throw laptop out the window:-)

Have downloaded and installed the above App (it is listed in my 'Packages Installed from the App Exchange' list), but no 'Map Nearby Accounts' button is showing up on the Accounts Page.  Any ideas what I need to do?

Thank you,

I'm using JavaScript to do some Salesforce field updates then open a URL in the same window with a side bar. The following is the last line of JavaScript that calls the button which calls an s-control:

 The lid is the button and the eid is the custom object that the button is being called from. The button opens a link to our service inside the existing window with a sidebar. (The only reason I'm calling this button inside the JavaScript is that I don't know a way to open the URL in this same manner.) Our service tries to create a Salesforce object using the session id of the user as the creator of the object. It is at this point that we get the 'Invalid Session Id - session id has timed out' error. I've logged in as two different users and the session id is the same and I don't think it should be. My guess is that the above link was created specific to that session id, but I don't see how that's possible.
Any thoughts on how to fix or get around this? Much appreciated.