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In my organization we have a separate "order" process rather than a "opportunity".  Is there a way were I can link my custom object "Order", to the mechanism which works like opportunity_product? 
This would specifically include the "Add Product to Order" button as well as the check box, product pick list window functionality.
The only workaround solution i have come up with is overextending our opportunity object and i'm reluctant to do so. 
Thanks in advance for you help and consideration.
I created a package in my developer account and uploaded it. I was trying to install it in my org account, but I get the following error:
"This package is not yet available. Please wait, or contact the package owner."

I have uploaded the same package many times before and this is simply the latest version. I added a few triggers since the last version, but nothing substantial. I have experienced temporary delays before, but not this long (24 hours).

If I try and install the package back into my developer account (on 'na5'), it finds it. If I try to install it in my second developer account (on 'na2'), I also get an error. My org account is on the 'ssl' server.

I will try uploading it with the same elements as in the last working version and see what that does.

Any other ideas? Thanks in advance.

Here is a screenshot for one version of the error:

Here is a screenshot for a similar error I got one time, even though I was trying to upload the same elements as above: