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We have developed a Flex app that we want to publish on AppExchange. It will be linked to a button that is added to the Accounts Tab, for example.
We are presently able to download and install it, however it requires several manual steps.
We would like to automate the whole installation process so the user or Admin has to perform the minimum number of steps.
Is there an complete example available somewhere that would illustrate how to do a generic package?
I have read the following from cover to cover:
  • Force.com Metadata API Developer's Guide
  • Creating On-Demand Applications: An Introduction to the Force.com Platform (C. Roth et al.)
  • Force.com Cookbook (C. Roth et al.)
  • AppExchange Packaging Guide
I sense that "Metadata" is what I need, but I need context, a place to start. How does this get invoked? How and where is the script stored? How is it uploaded to AppExchange? (This is worse than InstallShield...)
Your help is sincerely appreciated.

I keep getting an error message at step 7 of the instructions which reads: Apex Toolkit for Eclipse ( requires plug-in "org.eclipse.wst.sse.core".

I was able to download an update for Eclipse that contained this plugin, and added it from the zip file in my download folder to the plugins folder where Eclipse has been installed, but it's still not reading it, even after restarting Eclipse.

The Toolkit is unsupported by Salesforce, so I may be SOL, but any help from you folks would be great.

By the way, I only have access to the Callisto site, not Europa (or at least it doesn't appear as a selection).