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The following experience is preferred:


  • Minimum 3 years experience working directly with customers as a CRM project manager
  • Minimum 2 years experience with SF platform
  • Certified Salesforce.com Consultant preferred
  • Extremely strong written and oral communication and presentation skills REQUIRED (examples of business and technical writing skills related to SF will be requested)
  • Solid understanding of data migration and integration concepts, including transformation logic and technical requirements gathering
  • Ability to create technical requirements for Apex and Visualforce development

Is CRM Content available now upon request for existing organizations?  If not, does anyone know when it will be available and if it will be automatically enabled?  It sure is difficult to find any information about this on the Salesforce websites, and the CRM Content documentation never states explicitly whether enabling it requires a customer service request.




Is it possible to add an event to a public calendar via apex or the API in general?  I could try it myself, but it's much quicker to ask.

Once I've added an event to a public calendar via the standard UI, I can pull up the record in Apex Explorer etc. and see that it's put in the public calendar ID as the OwnerID, but don't know if apex will let me write that value directly.  (I've noticed that one quirk of the standard UI is that while I can create an event in the public calendar if I start from that calendar, I can't take an existing event and move it to a public calendar by typing the name of the calendar in the Assigned To field (which I assume corresponds to OwnerID.)   I want to make sure there aren't similar limitations on edits for apex.

And is there any way to pull up a list of public calendars and their ID's?  I don't see the object anywhere in the scema explorer.

Thanks much!

  • November 14, 2007
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