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Hi guys, looking for help - I am using PHP 5.2.5 with nusoap

I have a custom object called "Persons" (singular, Person) that I would like to update.  The code I am running is:

$id = $_POST['Id'];

$person1 = new sObject('Person__c',
       'Address1__c' => 'new address1',
       'Address2__c' => 'new address2'
       array('State__c, 'Zip__c')

$updateResult = $sfdc->update($person1);

And I am getting the error

"Id not specified in an update call [statusCode] => MISSING_ARGUMENT) [id]"

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?


Hi everyone,

I am doing some development with the PHP toolkit. 
Currently, on every page I make, I use the standard client login() function to create a connection to Salesforce.

My questions:
1)  Is the login() function strong enough to handle a large-scale application with thousands of concurrent users?  
2)  If the login() function is not the way to go about it, then what is the best way? 

I should elaborate that my users will be using my application to update the Salesforce database themselves.


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Okay, I know this is going to be a dumb question, and I know it's going to irritate some people that I'm even asking, because I'm sure the answer exists somewhere.   However, I can't find it easily and so I'm asking for help.
I just want a simple explanation of how to get a php page on my server to connect my salesforce.com account and display any piece of data from that account.  I will probably use the Partner WSDL but other than knowing where to find that xml file to download, I am lost.  I don't know how to use that xml file or even where to put it for use, much less make a connection through it.
Any help would be appreciated.

I've written a small sforce Partner WSDL PHP library based on the NuSOAP SOAP Toolkit. It obviates the need for PHP 5 and PEAR. All you need is the salesforce.php and nusoap.php files, both of which are included in the attached zip file. Download the zip from sourceforge at:


Most of the API methods have been implemented; feel free to recommend more. The goal of this library was to make the basic operations -- create, update, delete, query, search -- easy to do. A lot of the response objects are still native PHP types. However, I've made a point of declaring a sObject class and returning it wherever possible.

I've also included an example php file and the original nusoap.php file, so you can see what modifications I've made.

Please send comments and feedback to rchoi21_AT_hotmail.com.


Ryan Choi

(Sorry for the re-post. Wouldn't let me edit the URL to point to sourceforge.)