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When rendering a page as a PDF the filename of the PDF is the name of the page which is not a good thing. The problem with this is that the name is not unique and can cause confusion with the user.


I'm working on a quoting app that renders a quote as a PDF. Some broswers open the PDF embed, others automatically launch your PDF reader, and some prompt you to save or open. The problem is that if opened or saved theses files are all saved as qoute.pdf, qoute[1].pdf, quote[2].pdf, quote[3].pdf. The problem should be obvious.


Ideally you should be able to define the name of the generated PDF but I haven't figured out how to do this.




  • February 25, 2009
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I'm trying to determine if something is possible, and before I tell management it's not, I wanted to make sure that there wasn't any other way to get around this.
We are buying a cross-reference database that shows every valid Zip Code in the US and matches them up to a Metropolitan Statistical Area, as well as the County. Management wants to have a field for County and MSA in the Account record that pulls the values from this database.
i.e. if the Account has a ShippingPostalCode of 30004, he wants the County field to automatically be filled in with "Fulton" and the MSA field to be filled in with "Atlanta" (which comes from this database).
I can get the data from the database into a custom object in Salesforce, but how do I match up the ShippingPostalCode to this custom object so that the formula field will automatically populate the County and MSA fields?
It sounds like the VLOOKUP formula is exactly what I need, but it only works in validation rules - which will do me no good at all.
For obvious reasons, I can't write a workflow rule for every possible zip code in the US and then tie it to a field update that will fill in the County and MSA, but it sounds like that's the only way to do this.
Please tell me I'm wrong! Is there some other way to do this?