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Hello All,
We have VBA macros in a mailmerge template to perform certain functions on document open/close events. Everything was working fine until Winter 09. Here's what we are seeing after W09:
1. When users with new laptops launch mail merge, the macros don't run. It appears they are blocked automatically by the MailMerge ActiveX control.
2. This happens in both Office 2003 and 2007. The security settings are set to Low
3. When we save the mail merge output to the disk and then open the document locally, the macros run just fine. So we suspect this has to do with the SFDC ActiveX control.
4. The macros work fine on existing laptops. I guess it is because the pre-W09 ActiveX is already downloaded
Has anyone else run into this? Any workarounds/solutions?
I have a tabPanel, each tab includes a VisualForce page.  I'm switching tabs via Javascript, bypassing the default SF tab navigation.  For all tabs other than the activeTab defined in the tabPanel, however, the Multi-Picklist fields are formatted badly.  They are very narrow and are rendred with "width:35px" which as far as I know cannot be overridden.

I saw in other posts in the discussion board that dynamically changing the activeTab in the tab panel (via a response from the controller, for example) is a known issue.  Is there any way to cause the Multi-picklists to all be styled as if they are on the active tab? 
Is there a recommended way of pre-populating fields on the 'New' form?  For instance, let's say we want to show the user a New Case page where one custom field we've added is default set to a particular string.

I know about a non-recommended, undocumented way of doing it, and I can see that many AppExchange packages also know about this.  (ie, adding CF00012000000abcde=text to the URL)  But we've had some problems with it and would like to find an alternative.

Considered:  'fake' Visual Force New form that emulates the real one, but with the pre-population.  Problem is that, for Case at least, multiple page layouts will exist and this info is not fully exposed by the new Apex metadata classes.

Also considered:  generate a new object programmatically, setting the field in a trigger, and then show the user an edit page for the new record.  Problem is that this means all the assignment rules, triggers, workflow, etc., will run before correct info is available.

Any other ideas?  This is such a common request; there must be a better solution.

I downloaded Blackberry 8703 Simulator. I am able to login to the Production from the simulator.

Now I am trying to test the mobile configuration created in sandbox. Is it possible to test this?

If so the where I need to change the settings in the blackberry simulator to access sandbox.