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we have a requirement where we need to show Logged In User's calendar on a VF Tab(with activities on it).I tried with  CalendarSimple code share sample and on the VF page added a tag "<apex:stylesheet value="/sCSS/Theme/common.css " />" .But its only gave me a proper background but non of the functions are working on the page.(say - addEvent) and its showing some task on the calendar those are nowhere related to logged in user.

If any one can help that would be great.



Thanking you



Am having a Excelsheet contains Objects Names,Types(field or a button or a picklist or a related list),Field lebels,English values and the corresponding forign values for that particular field.Now with a piecs of Java code I have to overright the values of translation workbench for those obects in SFDC.

Can anybody guide me on that ..If you have some sample codes also please share that..

Anyone have any of the details on how database.com data residency option (DRO) will work? How does it get to your internal data? What are the limitations? Etc.?
  • September 01, 2011
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Can I get information on how to migrate chatter data such as feeds,comments.group comments,documents from one organization to other.


Thanks in advance.

  • February 02, 2011
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I am trying to access dynamic dashboards, which is a Summer 10 feature, on a sandbox org on cs1.  It does not seem to be there.  Has Summer 10 been released on CS1?



Our company uses a service called email to fax, which consist of sending an email to will be converted to a fax. (which enables us to send a fax from our pc)


how it works it's like sending a regular email but instead of the regular  email address it should be as: theFax#@smartfax.xom (ex:18005177799@smartfax.com)


so i created a custom email field called: email to fax


And what i'm trying to do is have Sf merge in there the information of the fax field of the lead in that field (email to fax) and add @smartfax.com right after it, so my workflow email can be sent using that field (email to fax) without having to manually do it on each record.


I have thought of 2 solutions but have bben unable to do it


1. make a worflow field update that would do that for me (i think that would work, but i have no idea how to formulate the formula)


2. Editing the formula in the "Email to fax" field but then again i don't see how to make the formula if it's even possible




Thank you in advance to anyone who can help




  • March 08, 2010
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Hello Everyone,

I am very new to Salesforce.com, I need to read and write a CSV file using Apex code.

Functionality wants to implement : Read some records using query and write into a excel file and
read a CSV file and insert records into database.
this should be using apex code.

Please help me :)

Hello, I'm 'brand new  to Salesforce :)
Can someone show me ( or point me in the right direction)  an example of a script that when the button is clicked it inserts a row of data into a table.
Thank you 
    I currently have data coming in from my platform into SF, how can I trigger a workflow rule upon a field being updated through the api?
I am trying generate apex code by uploading wsdl. But since the wsdl has 3 bindings (Soap 1.1, Soap 1.2 and HTTP), it is getting rejected. I understand Soap 1.2 is not supported at SalesForce. I commented out Soap 1.2 binding. Of the remaining 2 (SOAP 1.1 and HTTP), I could not anyone of them.

If I comment HTTP binding, then I am getting an error: No Http binding. If I comment SOAP 1.1, then getting error: Unable to find soap 1.1 address.

What should I do?
  • October 02, 2007
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Hi there,
    I am new to SFDC  WebService API  integration . Can you please help  me in generating java classes  using  SFDC WSDL  file ?  I  would really appreciate if you can send  me some documentation  or some web links where I can find  some information about  generating  java classes  using WSDL
  • December 05, 2006
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