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Looking to build a lasting relationship with a SFDC rockstar engineer/traine on a contract basis. Pay is $100/hour.


We're adding SFDC to our portfolio of roughly 15 business software apps (mostly CRM. We are a big family, and trust, honesty and a sense of humor are critical to your success with us. 



SFDC Certified


A good listener

A great teacher

Has a vast understanding of business processes


The perfect candidate would be able to code, customize SFDC, and also TRAIN customers.


- Let's Talk


Looking for someone to help set up Salesforce for a real-estate company, including developing the processes for our construction and property management divisions.  Anyone out in Hawaii that can help?  Thanks!



We have a .NET application and wish to integrate it with the Salesforce cloud.  Our objective is to provide the following functionlity to users of our application:


a) programmatically copy a file from the user's hard drive to the Salesforce cloud (it is assumed that the user of our application will have a Salesforce account);


b) programmatically delete a file on the cloud with the user's Salesforce account;


c) programmatically get a list of files on a directory in the cloud.


We are completely new to Salesforce so any assistance including code snippets or references to the appropriate APIs would be appreciated.




We are a very small non-profit that used IT undergrad students to implement. Now we have issues and need help. I've written detailed requirements document. Looking for a developer to correct a couple of problems and make a few enhancements.  We have a small budget.



We are a web agency willing to propose Web site and ecommerce web site with site force to our clients.

I would like some help to define the architecture of the model and how to build this offer ?





• Responsible for design and development for highly complex or critical projects involving batch or real-time data access, transformation and movement across heterogeneous technologies and platforms
• Analyzing business and/ or client processes and practices to identify and recommend opportunities for enhancement
• Identifying, summarizing and translating current and future data requirements into metrics (I.e. volumetric, latency requirements, SLA) to define overarching ETL architecture
• Maintaining an understanding of guidelines and standards as well as industry leading practices sufficient to ensure adherence of ETL designs
• Interpreting business requirements and design application solution
• Assessing work and information flows to identify and recommend appropriate solutions
• Providing overall solutions to complex application problems



• Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
• At least 3 years experience using Apex Classes / Controllers, Apex Triggers, and Visual Force pages
• Expert APEX coder (skilled at developing against 3rd party web services (using callouts), using Salesforce triggers, batch APEX, scheduled APEX, session management)
• Advanced Salesforce user and administrator skills (including using permissions, queues, email handlers, mass email, security setup, views, page layouts)
• Strong web development skills including CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, HTML, XML, AJAX, jQuery Plus
• Previous experience building, deploying and maintaining large AppExchange Apps (>30k lines of code)
• Excellent Eclipse knowledge and experience in conjunction with Salesforce plugin for deployments
• Previous experience opening Salesforce.com bugs (troubleshooting etc) and submitting to business unit, tracking and following up
• Experience in Visualforce Sites, Workflow, SOQL/SOCL, Force.com IDE, Force.com Migration Tool, and Web Services/SOA & Metadata APIs.
• Expert knowledge of relational databases and data modeling.
• Expert knowledge troubleshooting existing code.


UNIT4 Agresso, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendor, uses SalesForce.com (Enterprise Edition) as its CRM solution for sales and marketing in North America.  UNIT4 Agresso sells software, professional services and maintenance and support services.  We now need to customize our implementation to include a new area of functionality:  sales commission calculation, tracking and reporting.  In addition, the integration between SalesForce and Outlook is no longer working and we have not been able to resolve this through the SalesForce help desk.


Our implementation of SalesForce incorporates a number of customizations including custom fields on the Opportunities object to record revenue by revenue stream (e.g. license revenue, services revenue, maintenance revenue, etc.). Our commission structure is complex.  On a high level, it varies by team member and revenue stream, with multiple staff receiving commission when an Opportunity is closed-won.


We are issuing this invitation for an expression of interest for SalesForce consulting work to include:

·         From our documented business requirements for commissions, prepare a solution design, and on approval by UNIT4 Agresso, implement the solution in SalesForce, provide end-user documentation, and provide required security setup.

·         Resolve SalesForce-Outlook integration issues (currently not working)


Agresso plans to issue a Request for Proposal by March 26.  The project is scheduled to begin early on the week of March 29 and be fully completed by April 15, 2010. Completing this project on time is essential.


If you are interested in receiving our RFP, please respond by return email by March 24, with the following:

·         Profile of your company

·         Experience with SalesForce consulting work

·         Contact information – person, address, phone and email

 Thank you.
  • March 19, 2010
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We are seeking proposal for the following:

Application that creates HIT's on the Amazon Mechanical Turk Web service.


The application would integrate Amazon's Mechanical Turk Web Service into our existing custom application.

Use case
Every morning, we need to send eligible HITs to the web service. A process will need to fire each morning at a predetermined time, that queries our data and gets all HITs eligible to be sent for that day. The application will batch these up and send them to the AMT web service.

That is the only use case we want to look at currently. Based on the success of this, we would be willing to consider a more tighter integration with the web service in order to perform more use cases which would result in more development. We would like to start out small and grow into this over time.

Thanks in advance.

We are a language school and we manage all our clients and enrolments with Salesforce. We capture in Salesforce the start date of a student, the end date of the course, the centre where (s)he is studying and the level.
Today, we use a simple Excel spreadsheet to show the length of stay of a certain student. A color code indicated the type of course the student is taking so the x axis shows the weeks (starting every Monday) and the y axis lists the students.
We want to get rid of the spreadsheet and be able to show the same sort of graphic driven by the data in Salesforce. If you think this is possible, let me know, it would be a huge improvement on our data integrity and quality.
Kind regards
Steven Muller
I'm looking for a combination admin/developer to help take my company to the next level.

I need at least once/week local visits for facetime, training and troubleshooting, but the rest can be remote with appropriate availability.

I'm looking for:
- data manipulation skills (demandtools)
- report-writing skills (custom objects, calculated fields, etc.)
- communication skills
- initiative in helping us use SFDC better
- follow-through and dependability
- rates negotiable

  • November 18, 2008
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We are seeking a part time freelancer to initially assist with the setup and some field/form customizations.


Bob H.
  • August 04, 2008
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We have a project that requires some Apex development that needs to be turned around today.

Is there anyone who is very experienced with Apex code that might be available to work on this?

Hi. I'm looking for someone that can develop a Custom S-Control for me. The functionality that I'm looking for is as follows: I want a custom button developed, which when invoked, can update the status of a field on multiple records displayed in a List View. Basically, I'm looking for the same functionality that exists on the Case Object View, where a user can select multiple cases at the same time and then select a button to update the status of all the cases selected.
Look forward to hearing from someone.

There are a couple things I need to understand about this limit, and I can't find the answers anywere.


1. Do workflow Outbound Messages count against the daily mass email limit, or does it only apply to messages sent to leads/contacts?


2. What happens to emails sent after the initial 500? Are they dropped or queued until the next day?



  • May 19, 2008
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ADC provides the connections for wireline, wireless, cable, broadcast, and enterprise networks around the world.  www.adc.com.


We are currently looking for a Salesforce.com Administrator to support our Sales Operations group located at our World Headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN.   

The Salesforce.com Administrator supports Global Sales, Customer Service, Technical Assistance Center, Marketing, and business unit functions within ADC.  As a Project Manager, this position provides technical strategy and direction to ensure the Salesforce.com application aligns with, and meets business requirements. This individual will provide best practices and recommendations for integration and application development, deployment, and iterative refinement.

Responsibilities will include the following:

  • Provide prompt and complete resolution to technical challenges and business issues.
  • Review, develop and execute project plans to address user requirements.  
  • Provide proactive best practice guidance to the global user community and team members to enhance and increase their knowledge of Salesforce.com .
  • Proactively identify and implement application solutions, enhancements, and system integrations that meet business requirements. 
  • Drive and increase customer adoption and ensure satisfaction 
  • Act as liaison between the Business and IT




  • BA/BS Degree (or equivalent) in a related discipline
  • 1 plus years experience with implementation and configuration of salesfore.com required, 2 years plus preferred.
  • Project management skills: Ability to effectively management and prioritize projects
  • Demonstrated professionalism interacting with all levels of user community
  • Analysis, troubleshooting, and problem solving expertise
  • Exposure to S-controls and APEX coding
  • Experience collaborating with IT and functional units
  • Experience aligning business process requirements with technology

If interested, contact Alison Arom, SR Recruiter at alison.arom@adc.com or 952-917-0162.

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We are a fast-growing software company located in Toronto offering disclosure management solutions to publicly traded companies. We are just heading into our conference season and need someone who is highly experienced with Salesforce to manage pre and psot campaign marketing for us. Here's what's required of the Campaign Adminstrator (CA):
  • We'll get lists of conference delegates that will exclude email and telephone numbers. The CA will compare these lists against our database to identify those contacts that already exist in our database.
  • Ca will procure or subcontract the procurement of emails and phone numbers for those names that don't exist in our database within a couple of days of receipt of lists (up to 1,000 specific names at a time. We have a contact in India that we can connect them with and we have an account with Jigsaw also.)
  • Final lists of new contact info to be uploaded to SF by CA.
  • CA to coordinate voicemail and email campaigns through BoxPilot (autovoice mail) and Salesforce for both pre and post event marketing.

I anticipate that this role will take about 100 hours for the month of May and likely half of this for the month of June. This could also lead to an ongoing gig or a full-time position at our company.

  • April 25, 2008
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Live Nation is the future of the music business. With the most live concerts, music venues and festivals in the world and the most comprehensive concert search engine on the web, Live Nation is revolutionizing the music industry: onstage and online.


Salesforce Administrator

Company:              Live Nation, North American Music, Local Sales                          

Experience:           Associate/Coordinator                                          

Reporting To:         Vice President, Sales Operations




This position would be responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of a 150+ user Salesforce.com implementation.  Daily activities will include resolving technical and functional support issues, driving new opportunities for functionality, managing data quality and training other end-users and related IT support personnel on new features and functionality.




Provide daily user support for all sellers and managers, including managing users, creating and maintaining custom objects and fields, handling bulk data migration, maintenance of page layouts, and installation and support of AppExchange applications.

Train all new employees in using Salesforce and conduct ongoing support training for all users

Create reports, dashboards, graphics, etc. to assist managers to better utilize Salesforce as a sales and pipeline management tool

Research Salesforce add-on solutions, test new on-demand features and assist in implementation of these solutions where applicable

Research and assist in future build out of Salesforce for possible integration with financial systems




Administration experience with Salesforce.com handling system maintenance and customization, user training/adoption and data reporting

Thorough knowledge of Microsoft Office applications – including Excel, Word, and Access

Superior/advanced command of Microsoft Excel application

Exceptional analytical skills

Excellent communication skills both oral and written

Ability to multi-task and prioritize a variety of projects and responsibilities

Bachelors degree





Send resume, letter of interest and salary requirements to: musicsales@livenation.com.    No phone calls.



Live Nation strongly supports equal employment opportunity for all applicants regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or any other legally protected classification.


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Prestigious company in Seattle area is seeking a Salesforce.com Administrator to manage a growing environment of 150+ users.

* Salesforce.com Administrator with Business Analyst functionality
* Provide strategic direction for the application
* Serve as the "go-to" for the User Community
* Map business processes into Salesforce.com
* Track the latest functionality and make recommendations to Management
* Train new users
* Great company culture and benefits!

**Note: Must have experience as a System Administrator for the Salesforce.com or other on-demand CRM application.

If interested in learning more, please send your resume to jhagar@hireon-demand.com.

Founded by a former Salesforce.com Account Executive, Hire On-Demand specializes in placing full-time Salesforce.com/SaaS Administrators and Developers.

Additional Information

  • Local candidates only, no relocation (Greater Seattle Area).
we have a fast growing company that needs a force.com developer to build our application on the force.com platform.  Full time or part time.  We are willing to travel to you if you are close (2hrs) to Philadelphia. 
Great team in place with an awesome product.  Help! mwolverton@cathedralpartners.com  610 825 1736  Mike
We are a new Salesforce.com user (Enterprise) and could use some assistance getting things off the ground. We are in the construction business (asphalt) and located in Cincinnati Ohio. We are looking for someone with experience working with a construction company like ourselves to implement Salesforce.com in a timely fashion.
 All the Best,
  • March 29, 2008
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