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Hi -


I am calling external webservice from apex code. I am frequently getting Read timeout exception. I understand that the read connection timeout is 10 seconds. Can we increase this value - say 20 seconds ?




Hi support.
Please help me.

In my apex controller I do Site.login() and after redirect I can get current user (UserInfo.getUserId). That is well in Opera and Firefox browsers, but in IE I have got old user ID (Guest user). 

Thank you.

Hi, i'm trying to POST a .doc file using the HTTPRequest Class. The file is taken from a mail attachment (blob variable). The request can send ASCII files but when it comes to binary data it doesn't work.
As for the request's body, I'm using a multipart form, the only problem I'm having is when adding the blob file to it. I tried EncodingUtil.Base64Encode and convertToHex... non of them worked.
Am I missing something here?
Any help would be apreciated;
I have run into this error message when trying to use dynamic SOQL for the first time. I am running the query in a managed package, but the object I am working with is in the same managed package, the package api is unrestricted, and my profile is system admin with full rights. Can anyone think of any other settings that would be causing restricted access?

I would like to schedule a block of Apex code to run several times a day to check an external web service and make updates to Salesforce objects based on the status of the call (this will be much more efficient than triggering calls based on use actions or data triggers). Reading docs and postings here, I've not come up with a clear picture of what options / alternatives and benefits exist for this scenario (but maybe I am overlooking something obvious). What are s the best approach to iniate scheduled Apex tasks?