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When we use the SForce connector on a standard object (Contracts) and we get to the dialog screen (Wizard Step 3 of 3) to select the fields to return, the listing of fields is missing two lookups we have added to the Contracts object - one for a Contact and one to another custom object Facilities.  The following is a list of the fields available:

  1. Contract ID
  2. Company Name
  3. Activated By ID
  4. Activated Date
  5. Billing City
  6. Billing Country
  7. Billing Zip/Postal Code
  8. Billing State/Province
  9. Billing Street
  10. Company Signed Date
  11. Company Signed By ID
  12. Contract Term
  13. Customer Signed Date
  14. Customer Signed By ID
  15. Customer Signed Title
  16. Description
  17. Contract End Date
  18. Contract Name
  19. Owner Expiration Notice
  20. Owner ID
  21. Shipping City
  22. Shipping Country
  23. Shipping Zip/Postal Code
  24. Shipping State/Province
  25. Shipping Street
  26. Special Terms
  27. Contract Start Date
  28. Status
  29. Agency
  30. Billing Notes
  31. Date Entry
  32. DoD Related
  33. Legacy Number
  34. Manufacturing
  35. NASA Related
  36. Program Assist
  37. Prototyping
  38. Prototyping Notes
  39. R&D Related
  40. Referred
  41. Reverse Engineering
  42. Reverse Engineering Check
  43. Service Type
  44. Training Equipment
  45. 21st Centry Client
  46. Contract Number
  47. County
  48. Created By ID
  49. Created Date
  50. Data Quality Description
  51. Data Quality Score
  52. Last Activity
  53. Last Approved Date
  54. Last Modified By ID
  55. Last Modified Date
  56. Status Category
  57. System Modstamp
  58. Total

The fields of our contract object are (notice #'s 26 and 32 are not found in the list above):

  1. Account Name
  2. Activated By
  3. Activated Date
  4. Billing Address    Address
  5. Company Signed By
  6. Company Signed Date
  7. Contract End Date
  8. Contract Name
  9. Contract Number
  10. Contract Owner
  11. Contract Start Date
  12. Contract Term
  13. Created By
  14. Customer Signed By
  15. Customer Signed Date
  16. Customer Signed Title
  17. Description
  18. Last Modified By
  19. Owner Expiration Notice
  20. Shipping Address
  21. Special Terms
  22. Status
  23. 21st Centry Client
  24. Agency
  25. Billing Notes
  26. Contact
  27. County
  28. Data Quality Description
  29. Data Quality Score
  30. Date Entry
Does anyone have a work around for this.  We are trying to bulk insert from the SForce connector to import legacy data.  A solution for using the SForce or a point in the direction of another tool that could assist with importing legacy data would be greatly appreciated.

Legacy Data is in MS Access
  1. DoD Related
  2. Facility
  3. Legacy Number
  4. Manufacturing
  5. NASA Related
  6. Program Assist
  7. Prototyping
  8. Prototyping Notes
  9. R&D Related
  10. Referred
  11. Reverse Engineering
  12. Reverse Engineering Check
  13. Service Type
  14. Total
  15. Training Equipment

Years ago, FileMaker Pro had a field type called "Lookup" which essentially copied and pasted into itself the current value of a field in a related object. I am trying to do the same thing in SFDC.
I have a custom object called "VF_Invoice" which is the child to Opportunity. I want to click the "New" button above the "VF Invoice" related list and create a record that pre-populates fields based upon the current values of Opportunity fields, but I don't want those field values to change if their counterparts on the Opportunity record change. Ideally, these pre-populated VF Invoice fields could then be edited manually by the user if needed.
Is this possible? I am very new to Apex code (my only programming experience is some CGI with Perl), so any examples with as much explanation as possible would help.
Thanks for any input you may have!
Hi. I am trying to clone an Opportunity with ALL its related lists (i.e. Products, Contact Roles, Partners etc..). Is there any easy way to do this using AJAX?

If not, what about using Apex to create clones at the click of a button?

Even better, is there some standard salesforce functionality which lets you clone an Opportunity with ALL its related list objects?

Thankyou for your responses!
  • January 20, 2008
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Currently I use an override for my opportunity clone, this line being a subset of it.
var redirectURL = "{!UrlFor($Action.Opportunity.Clone,Opportunity.Id,[retURL = $Request.retURL],true)}";
Is there any way I can set it to clone with OpportunityLineItems as well?

--->(1) this is the situation:
* picklist multi-select with pick items x,y,z
* 5 selection possibilities: x,y,z,xy,xz,yz
* Lets say I have 4 records (i.e. 4 leads) with the following selections: x, xy, xz, xyz

--->(2) report: if I do a summary report on on this specific picklist multi-select I get the following record counts:
x = 1
xy = 1
xz = 1
xyz = 1

--->(3) Question: how do I get a report which counts the number for each single pick-item of a pick list "multi-select" and not the combination of pick items .... ? The 4 records mentioned above should be reported as:

x = 4
y = 2
z = 2

---> Thank you for your advice !