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When selecting the report for the Dashboard, we have a long, unorganized list of Reports...
Any way to change this field type to "lookup box"?  Or, create a custom field to look up and select the report for the Dashboard?
Hey Excel Connector Peoples,
Can someone tell me how I can have the Excel Connector update a salesforce field (such as "Actual Cost") to be blank instead of "$0".
When I attempt to update the cell with a space, I get an error, and if I merely update a cell with the contents deleted, it ends up getting updated as "$0".
Since I know that I can update the records with these field values to be blank from within Salesforce, I know that it must be possible. I just can't manage to make the Excel Connector do it.
Other things that I have tried:
-Updating with "" in the cell, which yields a data type mismatch error
-Change the cell format from currency to "general" and to "text" which still yields no positive result
-Updating with "(null)" in the cell which yields a type mismatch
  • February 15, 2007
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