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I have added inline visualforce page to Lead details page.
It rendered correctly in Firefox. But in IE some time it is not rendered, even after refreshing the page.

Any idea .... :smileyhappy:
How to fetch currency symbol in S-Control ?

any idea .... :smileyhappy:
<apex:page> property 'pageStyle' is not working correctly  

when i use following code:


<apex:page id="pg"  standardcontroller="Candidate__c" extensions="ControllerAIG_Demo" pageStyle="PageClass">
it gives error:
No enum const class common.page.PageStyle.PageClass

even i use inline CSS style as
<apex:page id="pg"  standardcontroller="Candidate__c" extensions="ControllerAIG_Demo" pageStyle="background-color:Blue;">
it gives error:
No enum const class common.page.PageStyle.background-color:Blue;

any idea ....   :smileywink:
'Enable Customer Portal User' standard button of Contact is not Override correctly means it does not do override s-control action.

Please fix this problem.
Which CSS class is used for LookupIcon?
Could you please provide me src of that CSS

How can assign a Datetime objet to Date object ?

Datetime dt = System.now();
Date d = Date.valueOf(dt);

This code is not working ........

How to collapse & expand  salesforce Collapsible Sidebar in visual foce using coding ?



How can we find out the 'Alternate Manager' of a User ?


How to find a Manager of a user in a query using UserId?
I have not found 'manager' field in sforce Explorer.

Please fix this problem.


I have created a controller for visual force page as follows:

public class ControllerLicenseTypeTest {

   public Profile getProfile(){

     Profile p = [Select Id, LicenseType from Profile  Limit 1];

     return p;



In above method I am trying to fetch the license type of a user profile. But when execute this code I found this error message :

Error: Compile Error: No such column 'LicenseType' on entity 'Profile'. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the '__c' after the custom field name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names. at line 3 column 15

Where as this query '
Select Id, LicenseType from Profile  Limit 1' return the record in sforce Explorer.

Please fix this problem.
Looking for quick response.

I have to display thousands of records in my visual force page.I'm able to display them only in one page.Can I display them in pages similar to the records displayed in Views.
Any pointers will be of great help.Thanks in advance.
In Apex,is it possible to query the various  RecordType(eg a standard Object) that is assigned to a profile.

I am trying to build a custom RecordType selection VisualForce page,where in i need to show only the RecordType
that are assigned to the currently logged in user profile.?
  • August 12, 2008
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I'm using a visual force page in a home page component.But height remains as I specified and if onlw few records are retrieved  blank space is coming up between the components.
I dont want to use scrolling option.So how can I vary the height dynamically based on the number of records.
the html i'm using for my component is below..
<IFRAME id=VisualForceLeads name=VisualForceLeads src="/apex/testLead" frameBorder=0 width="100%" scrolling=no height=1000></IFRAME>
Any pointers regarding this will be of great help.
Thanks in advance..

I have added inline visualforce page to Lead details page.
It rendered correctly in Firefox. But in IE some time it is not rendered, even after refreshing the page.

Any idea .... :smileyhappy:
How can I create a input lookup field on a VF page? I want to use the standard Salesforce lookup.

For example a field called 'Contact' whch looks up a contact.

hi all

well i want to make lead convert page in VF

now in standard salesforce system when we click convert button then Lead convert() call made. as per shown in forece.com API devloper guide.

now i m thinking this but may be i m wrong:

now when we use standard controller we can use the standard Sobject properties.

like if we use Account standard controller then we can get the fields name and value just with writing the field name

also we can  save that page by using the {!save} method that is standard for Account

so can it possible with the "lead"-- standard controller ??

(1) can we use that Lead convert() call for converting the lead in lead standard controller if yes then how????

(2) how can we display  the record owner field without passing the quarry perameters for record owner

        because here for convert the perticulert lead we have to pass the perticuler lead's quarry perameter...

or if i m worng about this then how it possible with custome controller

please give me some idea that i can work out this

Message Edited by amar joshi on 05-28-2009 10:24 AM
Hi there,
I am trying to make a field read-only and would like to do this in the javascript of the page when it loads. I try using the intructions in the VF developer guide with no luck, anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance.
function atload() 

//This line does NOT work
//var ba = document.getElementById('{!$component.sprinknum}');

//This line works, but not very elegant syntax
var ba = document.getElementById("j_id0:j_id3:thePageBlock:j_id53:sprinknum");

ba.readOnly = true;


<*****Valid Visualforce/apex code here>

<apex:inputField id="sprinknum" value="{!Sprinkles__c.Sprinkles_Number__c}"/>  

<*****Valid Visualforce/apex code here>

I would like to customize the "Ideas" part of Salesforce using Visualforce, mainly the style of it. What would I use to accomplish this? I know I can use Visualforce to make modified clones of pages, but is there a way to use it to modify an actual Salesforce page like ideas (or any page for that matter)?
Hi All!
I am trying to auto create a record in a custom object when a new "Case" record is manually created.
I assume I use a trigger to set this up but dont even know where to begin.  Can someone please point me in the right direction.
In addition, I would like a field in the custom object to be automatically populated with information from the new "case" record.
Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
I have written a Visualforce page for support reps to verify basic account info before creating a case.  It is essentially the account edit page with only a few fields visible.  When the rep clicks Save, I want to create a new case with a few values being passed in the URL.  I can do it just fine with a controller, but I have discovered that with Enterprise edition, since we have purchased it and are not using a trial, we can only write controllers in a Sandbox, not our production environment.  Does anyone know how I could make the Save button perform a standard save action and then redirect to a new URL strictly in the Visualforce page?  Please see my code below:

<apex:page standardcontroller="Account" tabStyle="Case">
  <apex:form >
    <apex:pageBlock title="Hello {!$User.FirstName}!" mode="edit">
        Please verify the following information with {!Account.Name}. <br/> <br/>
        <apex:pageMessages />
    <apex:pageBlock >
        <apex:pageBlockSection title="Contact details for {!Account.name}" columns="2">
            <apex:inputField value="{!Account.name}" required="false"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Account.phone}" required="true"/>
        <apex:pageBlockSection columns="1">
            <apex:inputField value="{!Account.BillingStreet}"/>
            <apex:inputField value="{!Account.BillingCity}"/>           
            <apex:inputField value="{!Account.BillingState}"/>    
            <apex:inputField value="{!Account.BillingPostalCode}"/>   
            <apex:inputField value="{!Account.BillingCountry}"/>                                                  
        <apex:pageBlockButtons location="bottom">
            <apex:commandButton value="Verified" action="{!save}"/>

I need to trigger an  email to a particular email address, incase the field has a particular value.
Can anybody help me on this.
Thanks in advance
I have created a custom object. say MyObject. A field in MyObject is UserDetail which is relationship to the Contact Object. I had given the data type as lookup. now i am able to store  the id but i want to display name. how can do this??? can any one give me a relationship SOQL.
Thanks in Advance
I have time based workflow on custom object.

When workflow execute, it updates the field value of custom object but not execute "after update" trigger on custom object.

Any idea?

Scrolled down many of posts here in Community but couldnt find one solution on how to avoid 'Too many DML rows' error.
Probably am i missing some community link then pls help me to get to that solution.
I am looking to mass update all contacts attached to a account. I do fetch all contacts using inbound SOQL query which do handles bulk processing too.
Now when it comes to update all contacts of all accounts which came into trigger, I do create a array and send tht entire array to update call which exceeds the limit of 100.
Is there any querymore or .. any other approach to be used .. pls let me know in detail on how to handle 100+ updates in Apex Trigger.
Thanks in advance
Here is a segment of my Visual Force page:
    <b>CASE: </b> {!Case.CaseNumber} <br></br>
    <b>SWITCH:</b> {!Case.Switch__c} <br></br>
    <b>CATEGORY:</b> {!Case.Category__c} <br></br>
    <b>OPENED: </b> {!Case.CreatedDate} <br></br>

 It displays as:
CASE: 00014470
SWITCH: a0050000006lENSAA2
CATEGORY: Calls Failing
OPENED: Tue Jun 17 04:29:10 GMT 2008
My Question:
Can anyone suggest the formula / syntax I would use to have the "Opened" date / time display in the local time zone format of the User?
User #1 is in Boston, sees the above as:
OPENED: 6/17/2008 12:29 AM
User #2 is in San Francisco, sees the above as:
OPENED: 6/16/2008  9:29 AM
Or failing that, nudge me in the direction of just formating the display to a specific time zone, without doing a fancy user.timezonesidkey lookup?  How do I get it to simply display in simple MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM EDT format. 
In the pageBlocksection, in the detail mode, there is a line that comes between rows. I want it to break before the next column starts. I want to mimic the look and feel when you click on the account name in the account tab.
So that o/p comes out like

required o/p
Name                                           Surname
______________________       __________________________________
Pooja                                           Shah
______________________        ___________________________________

What i am getting with the following code is
Name                                         Surname
Pooja                                         Shah

<apex:page standardController="Account">
        <apex:form >
            <apex:pageBlock title="My Content">
                  <apex:pageBlockButtons >
                        <apex:commandButton action="{!save}" value="Save"/>
                  <apex:pageBlockSection title="My Content Section" columns="2">
                        <apex:outputlabel value="Pooja"/>
                        <apex:outputlabel value="Shah"/>
                        <apex:outputlabel value="Pooja"/>
                        <apex:outputlabel value="Shah"/>

Thanks in advance,
'Enable Customer Portal User' standard button of Contact is not Override correctly means it does not do override s-control action.

Please fix this problem.

How to collapse & expand  salesforce Collapsible Sidebar in visual foce using coding ?