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I am testing PDF Quote Generation using the example provided on the wiki: http://wiki.apexdevnet.com/index.php/Visualforce_Quote2PDF.

It works pretty well with admin user, with a standard user ("standard user" profile), it does not work and displays the Insufficient privilige error page:
"You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. ", whereas the user does have access to the quote record.

I have looked over the standard profile and really can't see why it's not working. Any Ideas ? (would be of great help)


        Hi all,              
                When I creating a VisualForce page that is intended for output as PDF 

                 Iam using <apex:page reanderAs="pdf">  atteribute . The page Generation is working good . But my problem is I set the page header in firstpage .. i want need this header set the all pdf pages .How can I do this

        please help me


Hi there,

Has anyone figured out how to put a rich (not just plain text) page header on a VisualForce page that is being rendered as PDF? 

I have a VF page which is essentially a pretty report output - just a large dataTable that spans many pages.  I am using the 'headerValue' attribute to set the column headers at the top of the dataTable which works very well.  However, I need these column headers to show up on the top of every page that is created in the PDF. 

I have looked in depth at the @page CSS stuff that VF supposedly implements, but cannot find anything that would let me use any actual HTML/CSS for the header.

VisualForce PDF gurus - any ideas???   Has anyone put page headers on the top of every rendered PDF page?


I have two picklist REGION and TERRITORY and the TERRITORY picklist values are dependent on REGION. I have used the following link to make my depending picklist http://wiki.apexdevnet.com/index.php/Extended_Functionality_of_Visualforce_-_Part_2 but the refresh happens only once. The second time I change my REGION value the TERRITORY does not get refreshed.

Here is  the piece of code
    <apex:pageBlock title="Section 2" rendered="{!showSecondSection}">
                        <p>To what geography does this rate apply— </p>
                        Region: <span style="padding:10px;"/>
                           <apex:actionFunction action="{!refreshPage}" name="refreshPage"/>
                         <apex:selectList value="{!contractTerms.REGION__c}" id="region" size="1">
                              <apex:selectOptions value="{!regionList}"/>
                              <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" rerender="territory"/>
                        <p> Territory: <span style="padding:10px;"/>
                         <apex:selectList value="{!contractTerms.TERRITORY__c}" multiselect="true" id="territory" disabled="{!ISNULL(contractTerms.REGION__c)}">
                            <apex:selectOptions value="{!territories}"/>
                       <!-- <apex:inputField id="territory" value="{!contractTerms.TERRITORY__c}"/> --></p>
                        <p><span style="padding:10px;"/><apex:commandButton action="{!showSection3}" value="Continue" styleClass="btn"></apex:commandButton></p><br/>


    public List<SelectOption> getTerritories()
        REGION__c region = null;
        List<REGION_TERRITORY__c> territoryList = new List<REGION_TERRITORY__c>();
        List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
        options.add(new SelectOption('','--None--'));
       if(contract_terms.REGION__c != null)
            region = [select id, Name from REGION__c where Id =:contract_terms.REGION__c];
            territoryList = [select id, Name from REGION_TERRITORY__c where Region__c=:region.Id];
        for(REGION_TERRITORY__c territory: territoryList )
             options.add(new SelectOption(territory.Id,territory.Name));
        return options ;
    public List<SelectOption> getRegionList()
        List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>();
        options.add(new SelectOption('','--None--'));
        List<REGION__c> regionList = [select id, Name from REGION__c];
        for( REGION__c region:regionList)
               options.add(new SelectOption(region.Id,region.Name));
        return options;

Can anyone please help me ?