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On some VF pages I build, the collapsible functionality of a pageBlockSection doesn't work.  Looking in to it, I find that the js code with the twisty functions (stuff like twistsection() and the like) is not inserted on these failing pages.


It generally happens on my more complex VF pages, with nested pageblock elements.  Is this a known bug, and are there things I can do to avoid it?


I have a visualforce page and a controller
in the visualforce page i have some inputfields and a selectlist an an datatable with some records if we click on a record in the datatable the inputfields are populated with the data from the datatable. Now the problem is that the selectlist gets only populated ones, the second time the value does not change.

selectlist with salutation
<apex:selectList id="contactSalutation" value="{!salutation}" size="1" >
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="" itemLabel="Choose Salutation"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="DHR" itemLabel="DHR"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="FR" itemLabel="FR"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="HR" itemLabel="HR"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="HRN" itemLabel="HRN"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="M" itemLabel="M"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="MEV" itemLabel="MEV"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="MME" itemLabel="MME"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="MR" itemLabel="MR"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="MRS" itemLabel="MRS"/>
            <apex:selectOption itemValue="MS" itemLabel="MS"/>

if i click in the datatable on a record that has a salutation of MR then the selectlist changes to MR, if i then click in the datatable on a record with salutation MRS the selectlist keeps standing on the MR.

So i think the selectlist does not rerender correctly.

Has anybody any idea on how to resolve this issue.

Thanks for the help

  • August 26, 2008
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Anyone know why I have suddenly lost the ability to include a VF page in one of my sections on a custom object page layout?  It used to be there as recently as a few weeks ago and now I only see Scontrols, related lists, custom links, and fields for my object, no more "Pages".

Please advise...


If you try to create a standard object record (account, contact etc..) specifying an inactive ownerId, the API complains loudly and the record is rejected. This is fair enough.

If you try to create a custom object record specifying an inactive ownerId, then the API happily creates the record returning an ID. I would prefer it to complain and reject the record.

Is this a subtle design feature of API 4.0?