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I had some success today refreshing dashboard and thought I'd share. I found some code from SF Heretic on refreshing homepages and dashboards, but it didn't quite work for me, though it got me pointed in the right direction which I greatly appreciate! Their code for refreshing the homepage didn't work for me the way it was setup. What did work was going to Homepage components and adding to the Messages & Alerts:

<meta http-equiv=refresh content=600>

And if you stay on the home page it does refresh after 10 minutes.

What I wanted to do was refresh a dashboard we have for mgmt users whenever they hit that page so they see the current numbers without having to click refresh. What I ended up doing was adding a component to the dashboard that was an S Control and all it contained was the following code where the ID listed is the ID of the dashboard. You can see the exact window open code I lifted below by going to the dashboard and with FIREBUG installed click INSPECT and select the REFRESH button on the page and it will show you something like the below....

<BODY onLoad="refreshDashboardTimeout();" >
function refreshDashboardTimeout() {
window.open('/01Z6000000073av—m=poll&refresh=1', 'db_refresh_frame');

Hope that helps some of you out there..........


  • May 17, 2007
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