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Am very new to Apex code. I would appreciate if anyone, give me the idea of Apex on Calendar Events. Here is the question.


1) In a calendar page, when an end user gives the Event Date, Location, Related TO ( to which project),Description,Date and time.


The date given, should populate in the Public Calendar and the User's Calendar too.

2) Also send an email based on that.


My another question is,When an "edit" button is clicked , all these changes takes place. SO, should I write code in "Click button" or anything like that in apex? If so, can you please guide me in that. THanks'/


  • September 16, 2009
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I have created a Visualforce page that looks like Close Case Layout which also shows all the associated cases. I am trying to customise the close case to close all the related cases by getting certain inputs from case owner like status, category and comments also.


I am trying to update the comments input into the case comment using onclick javascript ajax toolkit. But it keeps saying invalid field name.


I tried using Casecomments, Casecomment, Casecomment__r,etc.


Is there a way to update the Casecomment object to reflect the comments added.



I am trying to embed our Visualforce page in Case Detail Page and then show the related list. I am not able to get the reference names for the related list "Emails", "Case History", "Case Comments".


I tried using "EmailMessages", "Casecomments" , etc but it doesn't seem to work


Does anybody know any solution for this. Why doesn't Salesforce have any documentation for these reference names???


Please help




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can u please tell me how to send email to multiple users by using visual force email template. if i send email to single user i am using setTargetObjectId(objContact.Id) and setWhatId(SR.Id). but i am not getting how to send to multiple users.


Please help me

  • September 17, 2009
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