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Hi, my web-to-lead is set up and working - the autorespose email goes out from an email address internal to my company(response@mycompany.com) but because the message acctually comes from a SFDC server, any spam filter doing an SPF check will flag it as spam.


Is there any solution?

Hi all,


I have a custom object created and I have added a "Status Field" to it just like a case.  I need to have this field behave just like the status field in cases;

  1. I do not want "closed" to show up in the picklist
  2. I want to create a closed button that takes me to a close page and then allow the user to select "closed" status and ONLY that status.

This is how SF comes out of the box and I'd like to set it up on other objects.


Thanks for you help.


I have downloaded a Blackberry Mobile simulator (version: 8130-Verizon) from the Blackberry site and installed it in my machine. I have configured Blackberry MDS simulator to work behind a proxy. It is working fine. I have installed the Salesforce Mobile Application.
But after that whenever I am trying to configure the Salesforce Mobile application, I am getting struck in the screen showing: "Device info has been sent to salesforce.com and is awating registration".
 It is not proceeding any further. Any help?