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I would like to add the selected value of a picklist to a formula field.


Specifically, I would like to have a formula field in Opportunity that displays the field data from the corresponding account.  


Can you show me what the formula would look like?



  • June 04, 2010
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I have created a Cross object Custom formula field that displays the Address .Here is the format to display the address field.



Account.BillingStreet  & BR() &
Account.BillingCity & ", "
 & Account.BillingState  & " " &
Account.BillingPostalCode  & BR()
& Account.BillingCountry


Now my question is there is a Comma in the formula and it displays, when the BillingStreet,BillingCity,etc., fields are empty.

How to resolve this?



Back for some formula field assistance.  I am working with our IT team to set up a hierarchy structure on SFDC User records so they can trigger some dashboards off that info.  So I went to create the fields that they need . . . I have lookup fields on a user record that can be used to look up other SFDC users and put them into a spot on the hierarchy.  Those lookups bring back other data from that "manager user" record and shows them on the sales rep's user record (So on Sales Rep #1's user record, there is a lookup for Manager #1 (2, 3, 4, etc) and by selecting that person it returns data for that manager and puts it on the sales rep record for reference).  Hope that makes sense.  Anyway, it all works fine EXCEPT for one thing.  I want to have a field that pulls in another Manager field--but it's a picklist on the Manager User record.  And I get syntax errors when I try to do a formula field on the Sales Rep record to bring back the Manager User field value from that picklist.


So my question is . . . how do I build a formula field that can simply return the text based off a picklist driven field???  So if the Manager User record value selected from a picklist is "Country Manager", then how can I pull that Country Manager value to the Sales Rep user record?  I really want to use a picklist on the Managr record, otherwise I will run into data inconsistencies.


Any suggestions?  Can this be done?

I'm new to this plugin, i've tested on my home machine, which works fine. (running outlook 2003)
on my work PC running outlook 2007, i install all fine. then start outlook, and no plugin, no introduction as it was on the home PC?

i've removed the plugin and tried several different ways, even restarting between installs. still nothing?

ISUpgrade.exe error mesg when i click on the program from the start menu failed because MSVCP71.dll was not found?

can anyone help please?

Message Edited by Dean_Blurb on 10-29-2008 11:34 AM