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My company wanted to enable SalesForce single sign-on for our organization, accessible through our intranet home page.

We followed the .NET sample codes provided by SalesForce to test the solution out.

First, we created an AppExchange Developer Edition account and a system administrator user.

Then, we enabled Single Sign-On for the organization using the Developer Edition account.

Next, we specified the Single Sign-On Gateway URL for this organization as http://www.domain.com/SingleSignOnApp/AuthenticationService.wsdl

We then created a user with a standard profile and specified the permission to use Single Sign On permission for this profile.

In our .NET application, we obtain the Windows login user name from our Windows Network Domain.

Then, we added the domain suffix to match the SalesForce login (e.g. hansolo@abc.com).

Base on the sample code, we then provided an Authentication web service (as specified in the WSDL file above) that we allow the SalesForce server to call and pass back the encrypted token for us to do the verification on our end.

Because we do not want to send the user’s password over the Internet to the SalesForce server, we decided to use the options for creating an encrypted token from the user’s login name, as shown by the SalesForce sample.

We were able to retrieve the username and create the encrypted token successfully. We then posted the username and encrypted token to the SalesForce server at https://www.salesforce.com/login.jsp as specified by the .NET sample app and documentation.

The next screen that we received after the post is the SalesForce login page with the username field pre-populated and an error message requesting that we provide a password to login.

This should seamlessly as a result of the Single Sign On feature.

Is anybody else having problems with the Single Sign On feature or experiencing the same problem? If so, how did you fix it? Any suggestion or help is greatly appreciated.