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I have a java enterprise application that connects to salesforce and queries data.

I want the application to create a single BindingStub and share it between all of the users on the webapp. It also needs to automatically relogin when the session expires every 30 minutes.


I am currently creating a new bindingStub and logging in everytime a user wants to query salesforce. This is very slow and wasteful. What is the best way to implemenet the sharing of a bindingstub that will automtically relogin when the session expires.



Thanks in Advance.

I have a question about the reuse of SoapBindingStubs?

 We have an integration in our webapp that allows users of our web app to search the salesforce contacts database.
Because there are multiple users of our system there could be ten or more people querying Salesforce at the same time. In my current code I am creating a single login sessions and a single SoapBindingStub.The binding is then  shared  between the users querying salesforce. I.E all queries are made via the same username/password, and the same SoapBindingStub.

Is this a bad idea?

Will the queries get blocked, and run one at a time , instead of all running simultaneously?

Should I be creating one login sessions, and then recreating the binding for each query, as was suggested in another thread?

I'm encountering errors during compilation time.  I'm using eclipse IDE running on jdk 1.4.2.
Two errors came up:
1)  "Too manay parameters, paramter Tools_Status__c is exceeding the limit of 255 words eligible for method parameters"
2)  "Too manay parameters, paramter vendio__c is exceeding the limit of 255 words eligible for method parameters"
Anyone encountered this before?
Let me know if you have a solution for this.

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