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I apologize in advance for the very newbish question.


I have just installed the force.com IDE in eclipse 3.4.  Trying to run the following code:



The view comes back with "Anonymous execution was successful" but should it not print the "Hello" statement?  The other settings are default - Log category "Apex Code" and Log Level Debug


 Here is a screenshot:




Is there another setting I could check for this?


Can one build a multitenant application on developer force by which by each tenant- customer  gets a different view, acess to specific database ?


I was think of Role based Acess ! But here there are those hierarchial roles, but my plan is to implement them such that there are 'n' customers and each can login from a remote machine to acess , customize the app accordingly .


Hoping For a quick reply :








Below is my business case


We have clients in Salesforce.com The financial transactions related to these clients are available in an external system.


I would like to know if we can dynamically access the financial data from the external system through an API and display the same in Salesforce.com without the need for replicating the data in Salesforce.com.


If yes please let me know how this can be achieved.


This may be a very basic question, being a newbie I would need your assistance.


Thanks in advance







Hi all,


I need to migrate a whole SF instance from a Sandbox to a Live system. There is code, VF pages, S-Controls, New Custom Objects, modifications on Standard Objects (added fields, modified fields, etc...).


I have a feeling that doing this via Eclipse will prove to be a bit of a challenge... Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this with the least amount of headaches possible? Thanks,



  • February 12, 2009
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